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Everyday Ergonomics
We often think of soreness and pain as being associated with higher levels of activity. However, whether you’re at a desk or in a car, you know that prolonged sitting also aggravates muscles and joints, resulting in pain and discomfort.

Work can be a pain - but don't let it keep you from the fun and favorite activities you have planned for the rest of your day. 

OrthoCarolina keeps you in the game with Everyday Ergonomic tips to stop the pain before it starts.

Here are a few of our favorite tips. Visit our Everyday Ergonomics blog for more.

Desk Chair Alternatives
We’ve been told over and over that sitting too much is highly detrimental to your health. The reality is that many of us have to sit at a desk for much of the day, not to mention sitting while commuting in the car, sitting on that comfy couch to soak in our nightly guilty television show…you get the picture.

- Ever coveted your co-workers' standing desk? Here are seven of your most burning questions about standing desks answered by a physical therapist.

- Should your exercise ball double ask your desk chair? The truth, from an orthopedist. 

Get in Front of the Pain with Preparation

Sitting is inevitable, but we can prepare our spaces and our bodies for success. 

- From your monitor height to your keyboard and mouse, learn how to create an ergonomically friendly workspace.

- Try these five gentle stretches to help keep your muscles flexible and strong, promoting your range of motion and preventing injury.

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