Michael Bates, MD

Exercising with Hip & Knee Arthritis

When your arthritis flares up, getting active may be the last thing you want to do. However, exercise plays an important role in managing arthritis pain and stiffness. 

What Is IT Band Syndrome?

Although IT band injuries come on quickly, they typically result from an existing muscle imbalance as opposed to an acute injury.

The Pros & Cons of Bilateral Knee Replacement

A bilateral knee replacement is when both knees are replaced during the same surgical procedure. Learn which patients are strong candidates for this procedure and the challenges during and after surgery.

Exploring the Body from the Inside Out: Hip & Knee

We partnered with Experience Anatomy, a premier anatomy education provider specializing in training and education with real, preserved human specimens, to bring you another installment of our Orthopedic Anatomy Series: Exploring Your Body from the Inside Out – Hip & Knee edition.

What to Expect After Hip Replacement

One primary reason patients undergo a hip replacement is to return to the lifestyle they enjoyed prior to needing surgery.

Welcome New Physicians

Michael Bates, MD joins OrthoCarolina University and Todd Irwin, MD joins the OrthoCarolina Foot and Ankle Institute.