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Margaret L. Lynch, PA-C

Between the Bones Episode 11: Sports Medicine in Adolescent Amateur Athletics

Sports medicine is a subject typically associated with professional and collegiate athletes. But there’s another facet that’s important to discuss: sports medicine in adolescents and amateur athletics.  In this episode we hear from OrthoCarolina's Margaret Lynch, PA-C & Dr. Jonathan Riboh.

Shoulder Impingement: What It Is and How to Fix It

Just above your rotator cuff, you have a fluid-filled sac called a bursa. The job of the bursa is to provide a cushion between tendons and bones. Bursa can become inflamed which can cause pain.

ACL Tears for Women - Why Female Soccer Players Are 6 Times More Likely to Become Injured

Sports medicine specialist Margaret Lynch, PA-C, joins FOX 46 to discuss to the commonality of ACL tears and how to prevent them.

Physicals for College Athletes: A Q&A with Physical Therapist Matt Erbe

OrthoCarolina, helping to keep your favorite team on the field. 

Meet the PA: Margaret Lynch, PA-C

Meet Margaret Lynch, PA-C, OrthoCarolina Sports Medicine.