May 04, 2021
Sore Muscles After a Workout: What's Normal & When to See a Specialist

Imagine that it’s a day or two after a tough workout, and your body is still feeling a bit achey. How do you know whether you’re experiencing standard post-workout muscle fatigue or something more worrisome?

“Soreness is a normal response to exercise that occurs due to the body accepting an increased amount of stress or strain which it may not be used to,” said OrthoCarolina's Michael Magalski, physical therapist and clinical specialist in sports performance.

Magalski spoke with our friends at Work For Your Beer to explain how sore it's normal to be after a workout (and when you should seek medical attention). Check out the full article for his answers to these key questions:

  • Why do we experience post-workout soreness?
  • What is DOMS (delayed-onset muscle soreness)?
  • What level of soreness is normal after a workout, and what is cause for concern?
  • How should we go about relieving post-workout muscle soreness?


Michael (Mike) Magalski, PT, is a physical therapist specializing in sports medicine at OrthoCarolina South Park Physical & Hand Therapy.

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