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A Journey to Recovery: Emily's Triumph Over Shoulder Injury

From Shoulder Pain to Championship Sands - A Volleyball Player's Resilient Comeback

Emily Freeze, a dedicated volleyball player, found herself facing a formidable opponent off the court – a nagging pain in her shoulder that seemed to defy reason. 

The initial discomfort in Emily's shoulder was more than just an inconvenience; it was a signal that something was wrong. As the pain persisted even during routine activities, she saw Dr. Grant Mostak, shoulder and elbow surgery, in Concord. After deciding to start with conservative approaches to recovery with volleyball season coming up, Emily started PT with Scott Beecher.

Beecher's insights into her strength, mobility, and overall well-being were instrumental in charting a course that would lead Emily back to the volleyball court.

After initially attempting a conservative approach through physical therapy, Emily's journey took an unexpected turn when it became apparent that more intensive intervention was required. Dr. Mostak, recognizing the urgency of her situation, recommended surgery to address a SLAP tear (superior labrum from anterior to posterior) in her right shoulder.

The decision to undergo surgery was not taken lightly, especially for an athlete like Emily, who faced the prospect of sitting out an entire season. However, the trust she had in Dr. Mostak and the OrthoCarolina team eased her nerves. 

"I would definitely trust OrthoCarolina, they have great truthful care. Everyone is very positive and helpful, and they make such a huge difference in your life with their profession."- Emily Freeze

Utilizing state-of-the-art knotless suture anchors, they performed a successful repair that set the stage for her recovery.

Determined to return to her peak performance level, Emily diligently followed through with her rehabilitation. After just 2-3 weeks post-surgery, she felt a significant improvement.

Reflecting on the journey, Dr. Mostak expressed his satisfaction with Emily's decision and the positive outcome of the surgery. "It was gratifying to see that Emily was pleased with her decision to have the surgery and with her results. She always was extremely upbeat and smiling when she came in for her postoperative visits. It was a pleasure to be her surgeon." 

After returning for her senior season, she won Comeback Player of the Year.

Now, a year post-surgery, Emily is not just back on the beach volleyball court; she's thriving at the D2 level, representing Catawba College. Her story shows how trust, dedication, and advanced orthopedic care at OrthoCarolina transformed a determined athlete's narrative.

"I couldn't be more happy about this, it's truly amazing being able to share such an important piece of my life"- Emily Freeze

Watch Our Exclusive Interview

Dive deeper into the story with our exclusive video interview featuring Emily and Dr. Mostak. Gain firsthand insights as they discuss the challenges, the treatment process, the surgery, and the journey to recovery.

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