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In many ways, Physician Assistants are like the nerve center of an orthopedic practice.

Have you ever had to schedule an appointment to see the doctor? Probably so. Nationally certified and state-licensed medical professionals who work alongside physicians, PAs play an enormous role allowing patients to schedule appointments sooner than they might have been able to otherwise. They are also a crucial part of patient education -- often answering questions patients may not want to ask their doctors.

PAs are able to:

  • Assess, diagnose and treat conditions
  • Create treatment plans
  • Manage and design preventative care
  • Assist with surgery
  • Prescribe medication
  • Conduct physical exams

PAs can work in all medical specialties and go through residency-type rotations in most major specialties, meaning they’re knowledgeable in many fields. OrthoCarolina has more than 90 PAs in our locations. Even in a growing practice they help keep our clinics running smoothly, and most importantly, our patients taken care of.

Happy National PA Week -- and to our Physician Assistants, thank you for doing what you do.


October 07, 2014

I'm a Junior at Clemson University, my sister-in-law is a PA, and I, too, am an aspiring PA. It's amazing to see how appreciative everyone is for the work that they do. Knowing that this is what I want to do as a career, it makes me extremely happy to see where I want to go impacts not only the patients, but to the other staff as well. So thank you, PAs, for making me strive to do the best I can, so that one day I can do my part in the medical field as a hard-working PA. What you do doesn't go unnoticed, and you should not stop excelling at what you do!
- Andrew Valvo