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John DeLucchi PT, DPT, SCS, CSCS

Q: What is the best mattress for someone with low back pain?

A: I have the Tyndal Pedic memory foam mattress in the most firm they offer. I chose this mattress because they have addressed all of the common complaints people have about memory foam. These include, over-heating, feeling like you are in a hole when you roll over, and feeling like you are going to fall off the side of the bed when sitting on the edge.

Tyndal uses special material on their mattress that keeps you from sweating. I never feel like I’m overheating. When I change position the foam comes back to its original position quite quickly. They also reinforced a 6 inch boarder around the mattress to keep from slipping off the edge of the bed.

This is not the only reason I use this mattress. I can go to bed feeling sore in my back, and wake up with no pain. I feel like I get a better sleep because I am not constantly tossing and turning due to pain. This mattress supports people with disc problems better because it does not allow you to sink into the bed. It also contours to your body giving better support. Spring mattresses do not do this.

I feel Tyndal makes the best memory foam mattress around. I have tried other brands, and I was not impressed.

If you do go with a spring mattress, I do not recommend one with a pillow top. It feels good at first, but does not give the proper support because it is too soft. I love my Tyndal mattress, and I will never buy another brand. This mattress is made to last 20 years.

A: There is no perfect mattress for someone with lower back pain. Some people prefer more firm beds and others seem to sleep better on softer surfaces. Deviation from your preference may result in an increase in perceived lower back pain but there is no “sweet spot” that applies to everyone. Several companies offer a risk free trial to sleep on their mattresses for a given time period with a free return or exchange the mattress is not comfortable. Good sleep will minimize pain perception so grab teddy, turn the AC low, and see how you feel!

William T. Chirico Jr., DPT, Cert MDT, Cert DN, Orthocarolina Monroe

A: Research is very limited on mattresses. When in doubt go medium to medium-firm. Buy something you can trial for at least 60-90 days. Your comfort trumps all recommendations. Like shoes this is something that has to fit you and be comfortable as sleep with chronic pain is a top priority.

Albert Kaplan, DPT, OrthoCarolina Mooresville


September 20, 2018

Thanks for this blog, I was facing a low back pain from the last three weeks and was not able to find a solution to this problem. But I get a perfect way to reduce my back pain and have better sleep.
- Ellis Louise
Reply From: OrthoCarolina

September 20, 2018

You are very welcome Ellis.