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National Physical Therapy Month (NPTM) occurs every October and celebrates the physical therapy (PT) profession and it impact on patients. PTs assist people of all ages and abilities, maximizing their movement and actively participating in a patient’s recovery. Thank you to all our PTs for everything that they do!

To commemorate PT month, PTs from across our offices have offered tips to help you lead a pain-free and mobile life. While these tips touch on a variety of topics, all can improve your quality of life and lead to a decreased risk of injury.

OrthoCarolina University PT

“It is never too late to start on a wellness program. ‘I am too old to do this’ is not an excuse!”

“Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water before and after exercise.”

“Always wear footwear appropriate for the occasion.”

“If you sit during your work day, set an alarm, get up and move frequently!”

“When it comes to exercise, it’s quality, not quantity.”

OrthoCarolina Gastonia PT

“The single greatest factor in remaining independent as one ages is strength. If you cannot get up off the floor by yourself, you cannot be independent at home. See a physical therapist for a proper program.”

“Strength training can make bones thicker and protect against osteoporosis.”

“Balance training can help reduce fall risk. More than 90% of hip fractures occur as the result of a fall.”

“Back pain can often be successfully treated without drugs or surgery by a skilled physical therapist.”

“If you have an injury that hasn't improved within 14 days, a physical therapist can help determine why.”

OrthoCarolina Matthews PT

"Close your eyes and ‘feel’ your breath: Breathing is a great way to relieve tension, improve calm and focus on your body's health.”

“Smile! Your face muscles need exercise AND it makes others feel good too!”

“START Exercising NOW! Your body will appreciate your strength at 75 when you can rise easily from a chair, climb stairs or water your garden.”

“Practice a balance exercise daily. Simply stand on one foot for 30 seconds. Note how it feels barefoot vs. shoes vs. on uneven grass or sand.”

“Vary your routine to avoid tissue breakdown or boredom! Stretch some in standing or on all fours, strengthen some on machines or with your own body weight, sit and breathe for 5 minutes, balance on the BOSU or in the gravel driveway, walk then jog and try it outside or take a new class to meet someone new!”

OrthoCarolina Sports Therapy PT

“Choose shoes carefully with low heels, slip resistant, and are easy to put on and take off, and be sure to clear clutter by tucking electrical cords away, keeping floor clutter free and removing area rugs”

“Maintain a safe bathroom: install shower grip bars, add non-slip strips/mats in and out of the shower, raise toilet seat”

“Put lighting within reach: lamps on bedside table, add nightlights, lengthen cords on pull lights”

Throughout the next few weeks, OrthoCarolina will continue to highlight the great work our PTs do. To learn more about National PT Month, please visit

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