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Our orthopedic experts are fans of incorporating yoga postures to strengthen and stretch tight muscle groups. Yoga offers additional stress relief and mental benefits helpful this busy holiday season and year-round.

Incorporate a new yoga pose or two from our expert provided list, listening to your body as you slowly move thru each posture.  




1. Triangle (Amanda Hewitt, Physical Therapy Assistant)

Triangle Yoga Pose

Stretches the side hip and waist while strengthening core muscles.


2. Seated Twist (Jenni Freie, Physical Therapist)

Seated Twist

Stretches and strengthens shoulders, back and hip muscles while helping reduce neck and back pain.


3. Forward Fold (Aaron Hewitt, Physician Assistant)

Forward Fold

Relieves tension in the back, neck and spine by stretching the hips, hamstrings, and calves.


4. Tree Pose (Lois Maple, Physical Therapist)

Tree Pose

Stretches your thigh, groin, torso and shoulders. Builds strength in your ankles and calves, toning abdominal muscles and challenges balance.


5. Pigeon Pose (Evan Kureczka, Athletic Trainer)

Pigeon Pose

Stretches and opens your hips. Can help reduce lower back pain.


6. Thread the Needle (Jenni Freie, Physical Therapist)

Thread the Needle

Opens and stretches the chest, shoulders, arms, upper back and neck.


7. Intense Leg Stretch (Amanda Hewitt, Physical Therapy Assistant)

Intense Leg Stretch

Opens and stretches hamstring and hip muscles.


8. Downward Facing Dog (Jenni Freie, Physical Therapist)

Downward Facing Dog

Stretches calf muscle and hamstrings.


9. Extended Side Angle (Lois Maple, Physical Therapist)

Extended Side Angle

Stretches and strengthens quads, shoulders, abdominal muscles and the side body.


10. Figure 4 Pose (Aaron Hewitt, Physician Assistant)

Figure 4 Pose


Help open and stretch tight hip muscles.


11. Child’s Pose (Jenni Freie, Physical Therapist)

Child's Pose

A relaxing pose that helps undo tightness in the hips and can ease low back pain.


12. Side Angle (Lois Maple, Physical Therapist)

Side Angle

Opens the side of the body from the feet to the fingers while strengthening legs.


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