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Cubicle-Bound? Try These Exercises.

Just because you're stuck at a desk doesn't mean you can't fit exercise into your day. Besides stretch and walk breaks every hour, there are sneaky ways to get your workout in. Even when you're slogging through email or focusing on that overwhelming PowerPoint presentation, these mini-power moves can help you get through your day while making you stronger and more alert.

standing marching exercise

Standing Marching

standing heel raises exercise

Standing Heel Raises

standing calf stretch exercise

Standing Calf Stretch

standing mini squat exercise

Standing Mini Squats

Standingstanding hip exercise 2

Standing Hip 4-Way parts 1 and 2

standing hip exercise 3standing hip exercise 4

Standing Hip, 4-Way, parts 3 and 4

 standing leg balance exercise

Standing Single Leg Balance

standing quad stretch

Standing Quad Stretch

standing arm circles exercise

Standing Arm Circles

standing pectoral stretch

Standing Pectoral Stretch

seated march kicks exercise 1seated march kick exercise

Seated March Kicks

Seated shoulder shrugs exercise

Seated Shoulder Shrugs

seated arm circles exercise

Seated Arm Circles

seated thoracic extension

Seated Thoracic Extension


Seated Piriformis Stretch

Seated Piriformis Stretch

seated hamstring stretch

Seated Hamstring Stretch

Margaret Hanna, PT is a physical therapist with OrthoCarolina's Eastover physical therapy office. 



August 07, 2017

Well, I don't work at a desk but I watch a lot of TV so..... Thanks!
- Mary

July 31, 2017

I will start doing these tomorrow! They're better than doing nothing, which is what I've been doing! Thanks for the tips!
- Marianne

July 10, 2017

Excellent ideas! Thank you!
- Louise