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The nationally recognized spine physicians of OrthoCarolina provide the highest level of care to patients suffering from pain, numbness or weakness anywhere from the neck to the lower back. Our spectrum of care ranges from nonsurgical management of spinal disorders to the most complex reconstructive procedures for patients with debilitating conditions of the spine. Many of the procedures performed are outpatient procedures or allow the patient to go home the following morning.

Our spine surgeons and physicians have experience treating a wide variety of spinal problems in the cervical, lumbar and thoracic areas, including adolescent and adult scoliosis, disc problems including microdiscectomy, back pain, arthritis of the spine, spinal stenosis, spinal tumors, spinal fractures, and other spinal deformities.

Physicians collaborate as a team to provide a spectrum of cutting-edge interventions—ranging from physical medicine and rehabilitation to complex, minimally invasive spine surgery—with a compassionate approach that emphasizes partnering with and advocating for each patient.

At OrthoCarolina, we make it our goal to only hire the best spine physicians to care for our patients. In addition to regularly seeing patients, our current physicians are actively involved in research, including the development of spinal implants and bone substitutes, and they are instrumental in teaching these latest techniques to other physicians.

Select from our list of Spine and Back physicians or choose one of our multiple locations.

With expert physicians and care providers in locations throughout our region, OrthoCarolina is one of the nation’s leading orthopedic practices and your destination for comprehensive orthopedic care. We bring expertise in the areas of foot and ankle, hand, hip and knee, shoulder and elbow, spine, sports medicine and pediatrics to offer a continuum of care unmatched in our region — and throughout the country.

Don't take our word for it. See what our patients are saying:

"I have had two spinal surgeries and my experiences and the care I have been shown is unbelievable. I felt cared for, respected, and treated like I was the doctor's only patient. I had questions I got to come in and get them answered. The experience was scary and they made it a team effort. I was and still awed by my care for my back, two broken shoulders, wrist, and hand. I would not go anywhere else in Charlotte or North Carolina for that matter." -Mary

"Dr. Daubert has operated on my neck and back with excellent results. He never gave up until we found where the problem was located. If you need spinal surgery I would highly recommend anyone to contact OrthoCarolina." -Charles

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