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Radiologic Technologists

OrthoCarolina is dedicated to making lives better and it takes the entire team to get the job done. You can think of our orthopedic physicians as the quarterback. They call the plays that create a treatment plan and get our patients back to their favorite activities. The health care team works to get the doctors everything they need to make the best diagnosis.

As we celebrate National Radiologic Technology Week, we thank these important professionals for their role in providing premier patient care.

Would you drive a car with a blindfold on? You wouldn’t, nor would our doctors make a diagnosis without being able to see the problem. Radiologic Technologists make it possible to see your pain point from the inside out. Here are a few things to know about these important care team members:


RTs provide quality images that are key in a physician’s evaluation and their ability to make an accurate diagnosis and plan a course of treatment and/or therapy.

“A RT’s role is an integral part of orthopedic care because without imaging providers and surgeons would essentially be diagnosing and treating patients blindly,” said RT Sunny Walls.


Medical images are much more than the push of a button. Orthopedic injuries can be extremely nuanced and RTs know the best way to create a view that shows all its facets.

“We must learn specific views or positioning for every part of the body from the skull to the toes,” Walls said. “This includes positioning the patient a certain way as well as adjusting the direction or angle of our x-ray beam depending on what particular anatomy needs to be seen.  X-rays are typically taken in two projections; a front view (AP) and/or a side view (lateral).”

This expertise requires specialized training which could include an Associate of Applied Science degree or Bachelor of Science degree as well as being certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist (ARRT).


“I enjoy seeing patients get better,” said RT Melissa Small. “In the clinic we see patients come in with pain or poor quality of life and then we get to see their progression. It’s nice to see someone that comes in sitting in a wheelchair and then over the course of their care they leave walking. That’s why I do this every day.”

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This article was created with information from OrthoCarolina Radiologic Technologists Jamie L. Mowery, Kendra L. Petit, Melissa Small and Sunny Walls.

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