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William Heisel, PA-C

Competition in racing is fierce at every level. 

Race Night at Bowman Gray, a new documentary series from the Discovery Channel, follows modified racing and the Points Championship at one of NASCAR’s longest running weekly tracks in Winston-Salem. Bowman Gray Stadium, home to racing legends, is also where drivers get behind the wheel at this storied short track and put their skills to the test. Through nerves of steel, nagging injury and even in perilous situations they persevere at high speed. Watch for special appearances from Bill Heisel, PA-C, Director of the OrthoCarolina Motorsports program. 


December 12, 2018

Me and my family are Ortho Carolina patients and fans of BGS racing. Thanks for being a sponsor! It's pretty amazing that our little stadium racing series is able to pack the stands every summer Saturday night! I'm sure NASCAR would love to be able to claim that for their major series!
- jon kemp
Reply From: OrthoCarolina

December 12, 2018

Thanks Jon!