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The phrase “new kid” often brings back long forgotten memories of walking into a classroom that isn’t familiar and seeing the faces of strangers you hope can become friends. Even as an adult, trying something new can be scary.

When trying yoga for the first time, you may wonder if you have the right gear or look the part. NC Yoga Bar makes their name challenging the traditional yoga environment, bringing classes to unexpected places where you can come as you are, says owner and teacher Ali Washburn.

To celebrate OrthoCarolina’s newest location in South Park, we’re partnering with NC Yoga Bar to bring yoga to our new neighborhood, right in Symphony Park. On June 9, you can roll out your mat on the park’s lawn for yoga classes, a live DJ, your favorite vendors and an amazing raffle prize.

Register today for this FREE event and check out the tips below from NC Yoga Bar instructors to prepare for your outdoor yoga experience.


Making sure you leave the house and make it to class may seem obvious, but Ali says often folks talk themselves out of their fitness goals as the week get busy. Sticking to the plan can be tough, but rewarding.

“There’s nothing more satisfying than the last three minutes of class when you’re feeling the breeze while in savasana, knowing you accomplished something,” Ali said.


When practicing yoga in a studio, the essentials to bring along to class are intuitive: a mat and water to stay hydrated. When you take class outdoors, you introduce a few additional elements to consider. Ali recommends always bringing along sunscreen and bug spray to stay comfortable no matter where your class is located.


It can be hard to plan for temperature during an outdoor yoga class. A breeze, the clouds or the transition from sun to dusk could mean that you’ll need to adjust your clothing to stay comfortable. Ali recommends dressing in layers.

“If you wear a tank under long sleeves because you’re chilly at the beginning of class, then warm up along the way, you can always shed a layer,” Ali said.


When you practice yoga outdoors, away from the traditional studio experience, the pressure is off said instructor Jaimis Huff. There are no mirrors and you get to enjoy natural light, heat and a breeze. It’s the perfect opportunity to introduce a friend who is new to yoga.

Instructor Dina Gambella describes outdoor yoga as accessible, highlighting our connection to nature, the earth, the sun and the air.

“Being outdoors, moving as one among the elements, breeds connection to ourselves and each other,” Dina said. “In yoga, there is no room for ego or comparison as it is the thief of joy.”

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