Orthopedic Anatomy Event Series

Exploring Your Body from the Inside Out


OrthoCarolina is partnering with Experience Anatomy, a premier anatomy education provider specializing in anatomy training and education with true human specimens. The founder and CEO, Jamie Decker trained and studied plastinates under the founder of the wildly popular Body Worlds Exhibit featured around the world. (www.experienceanatomy.com)

With this series of panel events, we will feature expert OrthoCarolina physicians and Experience Anatomy educators to discuss new techniques, injuries and topics that affect you most. You'll learn what to know about your body before, during and after treatment. We'll also be answering your frequently asked questions LIVE.

Join us as we explore the body from the inside out. You must RSVP at https://orthopedicanatomyseries.splashthat.com/ to attend! Keep in mind, tickets are limited due to space but we will be LIVE STREAMING every event on Facebook and YouTube so you can tune in wherever is convenient for you @orthocarolina.

*Follow OrthoCarolina's page to receive notification reminders when we go live at the time of each event.*

Get your questions ready and we'll see you there! Light hors d'oeuvres will be provided.

Plan ahead:
Thursday, March 5 – Shoulder
Thursday, April 16 – Hip
Thursday, June 4 – Knee
Thursday, July 16 – Spine
Thursday, Sept 3 – Hand, Wrist, Elbow
Thursday, October 15 – Athletic Injuries
Thursday, December 3 – Foot & Ankle

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