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Sarah DoBroka, Physical Therapist

Halloween means fun costumes, scary movies and of course…candy. I'm Sarah DoBroka, a physical therapist at OrthoCarolina. While I will definitely be having a few treats, this short Halloween workout will help burn off a Kit Kat or two.

This workout is designed to be done in a four-round circuit. Meaning, you should perform each exercise a total of four times.  

Here are your spooky moves:

Round 1.) Spider Crawls and Walk the Plank!

  • Targets: Core

Spider Crawls: Start in the plank position, keeping arms straight and stomach tucked in. Bring your knees to your elbows.

  •  Repeat: 10 times

Walk the Plank: Start with arms overhead and bend forward, then walk out to a plank position while keeping your back straight. Then walk back up to a standing position.

  • Repeat:10 times

      Round 2.) Spooky Squats and Jack-o'-lantern Lunges:

      • Targets: Glutes and quads

        Spooky Squats: Squat down. Jump straight up. Make sure your landing is on the balls of your feet and is quiet. 

        • Repeat: 10 times

        Jack-o-Lantern Lunges: Step back and lunge with one leg while holding onto a ball, twist left and twist right and then come back up. Repeat on the other side.

        • Repeat: 10 times on each side

          Round 3.) Vampire V-Up’s and Wacky Jacks

          • Targets: Abdominals

          Vampire V-Up: Lie down on your back with legs straight and arms out to your side. At the same time, raise upper body off the floor and bring bent knees up towards your chest. 

          • Repeat: 10 times

            Wacky Jacks: Stand with hands behind head. Drive elbow to the hip or knee, alternating sides. Add a jump in your jack!

            • Repeat: 10 times

            Round 4.) Boo Bridges and “Oops, I Dropped My Kid’s Candy!”

            • Targets: Single leg balance and strength 

            Boo Bridge: This is a single leg bridge. Lie on back and kick one leg up in the air. Cross arms over chest. Rise to a bridge position, lower down and then switch legs.

            • Repeat: 10 times on each leg

            Oops, I Dropped My Kid’s Candy: Stand on one leg, bend down and pick up candy with opposite arm. Return to standing position. Switch leg.

            • Repeat: 10 times on each leg

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