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I have to be honest with you; the only reason I originally got into running was to stay in shape for soccer throughout high school and college. That fell off a bit once I began working at a brewery; NoDa Brewery in Charlotte.

But after some thinking, I realized that there had to be a fun way to combine my love of local beer and running. Why not run a few miles so I can imbibe and not feel nearly as guilty? Run a few miles…enjoy a few beers. I wasn’t aware of the craft beer/running ties that existed in our state until about two years ago thanks to some friends at Big Boss Run Club. People gather around running, and beer, and it creates a great social event. It became evident that I should try starting something like this in Charlotte. Thus, NoDa Run Club was launched. 3 runners turned to 30, turned to 300, and we now host NoDa Run Club each and every Wednesday at NoDa Brewing Company. 1, 3 and 5 mile runs begin and end at the taproom, where we toast our fitness victory afterward. Once a month, OrthoCarolina physical therapists join us and offer free post-run treatment for our runners. It has become a great way to bring people together in a fun community atmosphere.

After thousands of miles and countless beers, NoDa Brewing Run Club has converted marathon runners into IPA fiends and craft beer snobs into PR machines.  

Brian Mister, Director of Community Optimism, NoDa Brewery.

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