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Grace Turner, Clinic Director
Performance Orthotics

Faulty alignment in your feet can create havoc and pain in the entire body. Correcting the alignment with custom orthotics allows the foot to efficiently absorb shock, improves your balance and reduces stress and strain on the body.

Many products claim to be foot supports, but a genuine custom foot orthotic is a device made specifically for your foot to realign and stabilize the bones in your feet in order to restore your natural walking pattern.  Most orthotic devices are made of a combination of plastics, fiberglass and graphite for longer wear, with soft cushioning materials added on for comfort. Orthotics have been proven to benefit those who wear them for problems such as knee, hip and back pain and are a non-invasive conservative treatment for many foot issues. Here are some of the top reasons orthotics devices are so effective:

  1. Making walking, running and standing more comfortable  and efficient by shifting the angles at which the foot strikes the ground
  2. Improving balance by correcting the alignment of the ankle joint, knee and hip
  3. Providing shock absorption
  4. Easing up painful areas of foot and relieving pressure
  5. Improving posture

Orthotics can significantly improve many issues. We have found them to be very effective for foot complaints such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, bunions, stress fractures, Morton’s neuroma, shin splints, callusing and ball of the foot pain.

I often tell my clients that orthotics for the feet are like glasses for the eyes; they reduce the stress and strain on the body by bringing your feet back into proper alignment.

OrthoCarolina providers can refer patients to Performance Orthotics but you can also receive a free foot evaluation without a referral.

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September 03, 2014

Thanks for the question Amanda. It is truly patient specific in these cases...I'd recommend contacting Grace and see what she'd suggest for you! Thanks again.
- OrthoCarolina

September 03, 2014

Is there a particular brand of orthotics better than the others?
- Amanda M

August 21, 2014

- Tom T