At OrthoCarolina, we are committed to improving the lives of all we serve by providing premier patient care and compassionate, personalized service. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your best you and that means being able to find time with a provider and schedule an appointment as quickly and conveniently as possible. That is why we offer online scheduling for our patients.

Here are a few frequently asked questions about how to schedule online powered by our partner Radix Health. If at any point you would prefer to speak directly with an OrthoCarolina representative to schedule, please call 704/323-2778.


Can I schedule an appointment online for any service at any location?

OrthoCarolina is in the process of rolling out online scheduling for all appointments and this will happen in several phases. In the current phase, online scheduling is available only in the greater Winston-Salem area with doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners. Physical therapy appointments cannot be scheduled online. Stay tuned as we continue to open more locations and appointment types for online scheduling. Our goal is to have full availability by March 2020.

Where do I go to schedule an appointment online?

There are two different ways to go about scheduling an appointment online:

1. If you are already an OrthoCarolina patient and want to see your same provider or if you know the provider you’d like to see, you can click on “Schedule Online” right from their biography page.

2. Visit our appointment scheduler to enter your information and be matched with a provider who treats your exact needs at a location convenient to you.

Once you enter your information, you will see a list of providers who treat your issue and their availability. Those with the first available appointments are listed first. On the left-hand side of the list, you can filter for what is important to you like office location and specialties treated. On the right-hand side, you will see each provider's availability and be able to select from a dropdown menu which location you would like to visit them at if they take appointments at multiple OC offices. Then, just choose the date and time that works best for you.

    Can I schedule a visit to orthopedic urgent care online?

    OrthoCarolina’s orthopedic urgent cares are designed for walk-in appointments and not available for online scheduling. Our convenient urgent care locations across the Carolinas are staffed by expert-trained caregivers for your evening and weekend needs. Our Charlotte urgent care location also offers daytime care.

    Why do I need to enter information about my ailment?

    OrthoCarolina’s providers are expert-trained specialists and we want to partner you with someone who can best address your specific needs. When you go to schedule an appointment, you will be asked to tell us more about your ailment. Think “where does it hurt?” like “foot, knee or shoulder.”

    We may ask one or two follow up questions based on your response. Some orthopedic conditions can mimic other ailments. For example, hip pain could feel like back pain. By answering these questions, we can more quickly get to the source of your pain.

    What information will I need about my insurance to be able to schedule an appointment?

    When scheduling your appointment online, there will be several pieces of information about your insurance provider we will ask for. This allows us to verify the information and make your visit simpler. You should be able to find everything you need on your insurance card. Just tell us about:

    - The name of your insurer

    - Your policy or member number

    - Your Plan ID or group number

      What if I don’t have insurance? am out of network or plan to use workers’ compensation?  

      When asked, you can choose “self-insured” if you do not have an insurance provider. You will be able to proceed with making an appointment.

      What if OrthoCarolina is out of my network?

      After entering your insurance information, if we see you are out of network you will see information letting you know. You will be able to proceed with making an appointment.

      What if I’m planning to use workers’ comp?

      There will be the opportunity to indicate you will be using workers’ compensation and you will be able to proceed with making an appointment.

      Do I have to have a referring provider?

      A referral is not necessary to see any OrthoCarolina providers.

      If you do have a physician that referred you, please enter their information. This allows us to maintain consistent care between all the medical providers you see.

      What should I bring to my appointment?

      We look forward to seeing you! Please bring the following to your appointment:

      - Insurance information,
      - Photo ID
      - Any specialist copays or financial responsibility owed

      - A list of your current medications
      - Images to include x-rays, MRI or CT scans and medical records from other providers related to this appointment

      You will receive an email from us within seven days prior to your appointment. Within that email, there will be a link that forwards you to our patient portal. The patient portal will allow you to fill out your forms prior to your appointment. If you are unable to complete your forms before your appointment, please arrive 30 minutes early to complete them in the office. Please understand that failing to bring relevant imaging studies and records may result in your appointment being delayed or rescheduled.

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