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With Physical Therapist Carol Green


Sit at a desk all day on the job? Even the act of sitting and how we use our bodies affects our health. How we hold our phones or use the mouse at the computer affects our hands, fingers and wrists. Poor posture can cause aches and pains in our neck and shoulders. 

Ergonomics is human engineering. It's the relationship between our bodies and our environments.

Recently, OrthoCarolina Eastover Physical Therapist Carol Green met with 107.9 The Link's Ramona Holloway and Matt Harris to take a look at their work environments. As the hosts of The Matt & Ramona Show, they're on air each afternoon and multi-tasking all along the way. Carol offered some tips to help their workspaces be as ergonomically friendly as possible.


OrthoCarolina and Matt & Ramona want to help you take care of your health every day by upgrading your workspace to be more ergonomic.

Share a picture of your workspace to enter to win. 



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