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The OrthoCarolina Research Institute (OCRI) is an independent, non-profit organization that works with OrthoCarolina physicians and collaborative partners to facilitate orthopedic research to improve quality-of-life outcomes for patients. Each May, Clinical Trials Day is observed to celebrate the day that James Lind started the first randomized clinical trial. This trial happened aboard a ship May 20, 1747. Clinical Trials day also recognizes recent accomplishments in research.

Last year, OCRI had 725 new patients participate in research studies and 1880 total research visits. The organization currently has 190 active studies running out of 13 OrthoCarolina offices. OCRI recognizes that without patients who partner and volunteer their time, research would not be possible.

Christi Cadd, Executive Director of OCRI, has worked in clinical research for over twenty years and has been with the OCRI for the past six years. She’s energetic about the work and her team. “It’s exciting to be providing physicians with research driven facts to make the best clinical decisions for patients. Our research team is very passionate about finding ways to improve orthopedic care and patient outcomes,” she says. “The OrthoCarolina physicians involved with OCRI are not required to do research, they seek out the research. The physicians are extremely dedicated, often working outside normal work hours on studies. The work is personally meaningful to the team here.”

OCRI actively seeks grants for the work they do and there is always more work to be done. The team has close to eighty studies that are still awaiting funding and resources to get started. “You can’t help but be excited, seeing the potential each study has to improve the outcomes for patients we treat,” says Cadd.

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