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May is National Bike Month! OrthoCarolina employees Jeff Deguire, Dominique Monfiston, and Patrick Michael with Arrowlytics, an affiliate company of OrthoCarolina, want to inspire you to bike to work. Together, these teammates log approximately 200 miles each month biking to their OrthoCarolina offices in Boone and Charlotte.

Biking to work is an easy way to build exercise into your day, reduce stress and be kinder to the environment. Deguire, Michael and Monfiston share why they bike to work and planning tips to makes a smooth transition from gas pedal to bike pedal.

Why do you bike to work?

Deguire: When I moved to Charlotte, I found myself living about seven miles from work. I couldn’t wait to take advantage of my shorter commute and bike to work. I’ve been focusing on making positive health choices. I bike at least one day a week so I can be eco-friendly and a good steward for future generations. Biking is an invigorating way to start the day and a great way to decompress at the end.

Michael: I started biking to work last fall and bike about four miles to work each way, three days a week. It takes me about the same amount of time to drive to work as it does to ride my bike plus biking is a good way to get exercise during the day.

Monfiston: I have been biking to work for about a year, my commute is three miles each way. Living and working in Boone, there are great bike paths to and from the OrthoCarolina office. I get some exercise while saving money and helping the environment.

Any prep tips for biking to work?

Deguire: I try to minimize what I have to carry on my bike by keeping extra stuff like clothes, toiletries and food at work. For things I do need to carry, I use a small backpack. I plan my rides around the weather and have a wonderful wife who rescues me if weather suddenly changes or I get a flat tire.

Monfiston: My best advice is to invest in rain gear. It’s light, compact and easy to stow in a backpack. A waterproof rucksack and mudguard for your wheels are also good investments.

Top bike safety tip?

Michael: Make sure to be visible when biking. I have multiple flashing lights and reflectors on my bike, helmet and backpack to make sure I can be seen. Assume drivers aren’t looking out for you and be aware of the traffic around you.

Monfiston: Always wear a helmet. Helmets come in so many different styles and colors, there is just no excuse not to wear one.

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