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If you’re like me, you’ve noticed temperatures rising and hours of daylight getting longer. That means running season is in stride and fun races are just around the corner.

I just signed up for the Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, South Carolina and can’t wait to increase my running volume this spring and summer. Even though I am a seasoned runner and have stuck with a cross training routine this winter, I’m ready to ramp up for race season.

It's still important for me to get back into running properly. Here are some tips I think about before I get back to my regular running routine to help me avoid injury and may help you too.

  • Start with less mileage: If you haven’t run more than three miles in the past few months, then start with a slow progression – begin with 1- 2 miles and make sure you’re ready to do that. Slow and steady really does win the race and the expression no pain, no gain doesn’t apply.
  • Do a 48-hour soreness check: You shouldn’t be sore after 48 hours. If you are, then decrease your mileage.
  • Build up slowly: Increase mileage no more than 10 percent per week. Especially if you’re below 10 miles. I see more injuries when people go from 3 – 5 miles then when people make bigger mileage jumps who are already consistently running 10 plus miles.
  • You can’t cram for running like a test: Give yourself 10 – 12 weeks to train for something, even a 5K, not only because of the physical aspects but from a mental standpoint.

Looking forward to seeing you back on the road with me!

Aaron Hewitt PA-C (insert link:, is a Physician Assistant with OrthoCarolina’s Sports Medicine Center.  He is a former Assistant Athletic Trainer with the Minnesota Vikings (NFL), and is an orthopedic provider for UNC-Charlotte and Myers Park High School. He also is a Physician Assistant Team Lead for Sports Medicine, Spine, Hand & Pediatrics and a Clinical and Surgical Preceptor for Physician Students.

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