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New Physicians Announcement

Introducing Our Newest Physicians: Experts in Foot and Ankle, Spine, Hand, Hip and Knee, and Joint Reconstruction!

Discover OrthoCarolina's exciting additions to the team! Our group of five new physicians brings expertise in Foot and Ankle, Spine, Hand, Hip and Knee, and Joint Reconstruction. Learn about their backgrounds, specialties, and interests as they join our dedicated team of orthopedic experts. From hand fellowship-trained surgeons to NFL veterans turned doctors, each physician brings a unique perspective to our practice. Explore their profiles and get to know the individuals who are expanding our orthopedic capabilities at OrthoCarolina.

New Surgical Device Helping Patients with Herniated Disc

New Surgical Device Helping Patients with Herniated Disc

Spectrum 1 News interviewed Dr. Bradley Segebarth, OrthoCarolina spine surgeon, on his usage of the Barricaid device for herniated disc patients. Learn about the new device and how it is reducing discectomy failure rates by 80%.

Back Pain: When Should You Go to Urgent Care?

Back Pain: When Should You Go to Urgent Care?

When you have back pain, there are several symptoms & scenarios where you should see a care provider right away. Learn what these symptoms are so you can weigh your best options.

Telemedicine Appointments | Virtual Doctor's Appointments on Your Phone

Telemedicine Video Visits Now Available

Have a video visit with your doctor today!

Kwon OrthoCarolina Spine

Exploring the Body from the Inside Out: Spine

In the spine edition of our Orthopedic Anatomy Series: Exploring Your Body from the Inside Out, we look at the causes and treatments of back pain and common spine ailments.

Online Scheduling FAQs | OrthoCarolina Scheduling Online Appointments

Scheduling Your Appointment Online with OrthoCarolina

Save time and book your care, your way. With online scheduling, your personalized orthopedic care is only a few clicks away.

Do you have Sacroiliac Joint Problems?

Do You Have Sacroiliac Joint Problems? Here's What You Need to Know

The sacroiliac (SI) joint is located in the pelvis and links the iliac bones (pelvis) to the sacrum (lowest part of the spine above the tailbone). It is an essential component for shock absorption to prevent impact force from reaching the spine.

Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Pain

Take This Quiz to Find Out if You Might have SI Joint Pain

Have low back pain that you think could be SI Joint dysfunction? Take this quiz. 

Dr. Todd Chapman broke

Ten Facts to Know About Scoliosis

During June's Scoliosis Awareness Month, Dr. Todd Champman breaks down some information about this spinal condition that affects 2% of the population.

X-Ray Image

​I Chose to Become a Doctor Because...

For many physicians, taking care of others is their life’s work and the ultimate calling. In honor of Doctors’ Day on March 30, we asked our doctors why they chose the medical field.

Dr. Chapman Spine Center

The next 5 years: Where Dr. Todd Chapman sees the biggest challenges & opportunities for spine surgeons just starting out

Todd Chapman, MD, of Charlotte, N.C.-based OrthoCarolina Spine Center, discusses the philosophies and technologies that will shape his practice for many years to come.


10 New Physicians Join OrthoCarolina

OrthoCarolina has hired 10 new physicians to support the increasing needs of its patients and communities

Dr. Swaroop Gonchikar

OC Family Welcome: Meet Dr. Swaroop Gonchikar

A musculoskeletal and interventional spine specialist, we welcome Dr. Swaroop Gonchikar to the OrthoCarolina team where he'll be seeing patients at the Spine Center.

Medical Breakthroughs at OrthoCarolina

Medical Breakthroughs at OrthoCarolina

Explore pioneering medical breakthroughs changing our lives and meet the doctors behind them. On the front lines of your health are tales of desperation, determination and human triumph-from a safer way to manage pain after surgery to groundbreaking techniques that make surgery unnecessary.

How do I treat back pain before seeing a doctor?

How do I treat back pain before seeing a doctor?

Ready to try a few steps at home to relieve your back pain? Here are three steps to take before you give your physician a call.

Chapman OrthoCarolina

What is SI Joint Syndrome? 8 Things a Spine Specialist Says You Should Know

Sacroiliac joint syndrome, or SI joint syndrome, is a frequent culprit of low back pain, and may also create pain in the buttock region, groin and lower extremities.

Lake Norman State Park

The Insider’s Guide to Lake Norman State Park

Some of Lake Norman State Park is home to some of the best mountain biking, trail running, kayaking, hiking, and camping in the region.

What is scoliosis?

What is scoliosis?

Wondering what exactly is scoliosis? Dr. Todd Chapman of OrthoCarolina's Spine Center helps us define scoliosis and learn more about its prevalence and treatments.

Sleep + Pain

Sleep + Pain

Mattress Advisor set out to understand the complicated relationship between pain, sleep and the healing process. So we called on the expertise of Dr. Kinjal Parikh, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine with OrthoCarolina.

Dr. Todd Chapman discussing his practice

Dr. Todd Chapman discussing his practice

Dr. Todd Chapman discussing his practice

Oretha Joe

Caring for the Caretaker

Liberia is one of the five poorest nations on the planet. Years of civil wars there have left life difficult for many of its citizens, many of whom lost family members and still live in poverty. Several years ago, one of its most beloved Christian ministry leaders Oretha Joe began dealing with an increasing pain in her back that made even standing difficult.

OrthoCarolina Spine Center Community Forum

OrthoCarolina Spine Center Community Forum

The complete forum event on February 22nd, 2018.

OrthoCarolina Spine Center Community Event Recap

OrthoCarolina Spine Center Community Event Recap

Highlights from our community roundtable held at Lenny Boy Brewing on February 22nd, 2018.

Chapman Spine Center

This mom almost died in a hit-and-run...

Put diplomatically: “Her injuries were very significant,” says Matt Chapman, the OrthoCarolina doctor who performed surgery to repair her spinal injuries three days after the accident.

Guide to NC Ice Climbing

A Quick & Dirty Guide to North Carolina Ice Climbing

Western Carolina’s vertical relief provides plenty of options for any level of climber, including beginner routes off the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The Scoop on Sciatica

The Scoop on Sciatica, Plus Exercises That Can Help With Pain

Sciatica, also known as lumbar radiculopathy, is a term that describes pain that radiates down the leg caused by a pinched nerve in the back.

Winter Camping around Charlotte

6 Top Spots for Winter Camping in and Around Charlotte

Drive 40-minutes southwest of downtown for Charlotte’s one and only peak-bagging challenge, with the best city skyline views in the region.

Latta Nature Center

An Insider's Guide to Charlotte's Latta Nature Center and Preserve

The Latta plantation is now a living history site surrounded by a 1,600-acre nature preserve.

Fall Camping Spots

5 Top Fall Camping Spots in North Carolina

North Carolina is peppered with wilderness-enveloped campgrounds, from the Great Smokies to the Atlantic shores.

Matt Chapman, MD

Back Pain Fundamentals

We don’t always think about our spine, but good spinal health is important. Back pain can come from many different sources: discs, joints, fractures, or even just the effects of everyday life.

Leo Spector, MD

With Your Help, We’re Improving Your Outcomes After Surgery

Quality improvement is a big deal to us at OrthoCarolina. In fact, we have a team that works only on care improvement programs and maintaining quality and coordinated care.

Image of Woman with Back Pain

Conservative Care of Low Back Pain

Generalized low back pain is a huge public health problem, affecting 80 percent of people at some point during their lifetime. Low back pain can affect a person's ability to function at work or within the home and can lead to a lower perceived quality of life.

Dr. Alicia Lazeski

EMG – What to Know

An electrodiagnostic study (EMG/NCS) is a diagnostic assessment of the electrical activity of your nerves and muscles to see how well they function, and is sometimes recommended for patients with neck, back, arm or leg pain.

Spine Surgery Robotics

Spine Surgery and the Mazor® Robotics Renaissance Robot: 11 Things to Know

Our surgeons are some of the best in the world, but robotics can actually increase the precision and consistency of what we do in the operating room.

State-of-the-Art Technology


This state-of-the-art technology makes complex spine surgery more precise by providing a preoperative computer based planning platform to increase surgical accuracy and safety.

Dr. Sarjoo

In Loving Memory

Dr. Sarjoo “Sam” Bhagia, a physiatrist with OrthoCarolina's Spine Center, passed away August 10, 2016 after a brief illness. Dr. Bhagia was adored and respected by his teammates, peers, patients and friends, and his easygoing nature and laughter were an innate part of who he was both as a person and a physician.


Who’s Got Your Back?

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Back Health


Spine Center’s Dr. Milam Performs Two-Level Cervical Disc Replacement

OrthoCarolina spine surgeon Alden Milam has performed a two-level cervical disc replacement procedure utilizing a novel medical device recently approved by the FDA. The procedure was the first FDA approved two-level disc replacement in the state of North Carolina.

Dr. Bruce Darden, the newly-elected president of the Cervical Spine Research Society

Dr. Bruce Darden, the newly-elected president of the Cervical Spine Research Society

This multidisciplinary organization provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and promotes clinical and basic science research of the cervical spine. The Cervical Spine Research Society is the recognized authority on diseases of the cervical spine.

Patient Al Sprague & Dr. Brigham

Patient Al Sprague & Dr. Brigham

Dr. Craig Brigham helps Al Sprague get his life back...

Dr. Darden -- OrthoCarolina Spine Surgeon

Dr. Darden -- OrthoCarolina Spine Surgeon

Introducing Dr. Darden specialist in Spine and shoulders.