Internships at OrthoCarolina

All interns should be coming for school-related credit such as a clinical rotation, externship, residency, or another similar setup via your institution or program, under the supervision of an OrthoCarolina professional in your field of study. We offer unpaid internships opportunities.

The OrthoCarolina student internships have been cleared to fully resume, so please reach out to your OC student programs coordinator and OC program clinical coordinator to request information on slot availability!

NOTE: The PA/NP/Nursing program is currently booked through June 2023, so requests will need to be in advance from this timeframe forward. Currently, Therapy programs are booked out into Spring 2023, so requests will need to be for Summer 2023 onward. Thank you!

Program Requirements:

  • Students must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Full COVID-19 vaccination is required for all students to participate. No student exemptions are permitted/considered
  • Students must first have a host as a mentor/preceptor in order to participate. 
    • A host is an OrthoCarolina staff person that is willing and able to be a mentor/preceptor for a student and oversee their student assignment.
  • Students must provide a recent criminal background check. (Done within 90 days of start).
  • Students must provide a recent 10-panel drug screen. (Done within 90 days of start date).
  • Students must provide a recent 2-Step TB test. (Done within 12 months of start & without expiring over the span of assignment).
  • Student hours are NOT retroactive for credit. 
  • One complete student packet must be submitted, in its entirety, for each student requesting participation consideration. Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed. 
    • Student packets should be submitted as soon as possible because program consideration will be first come - first serve.
  • No participants will be guaranteed placement.
  • Operating Room Privileges are not guaranteed to all participants, it is discretionary. 
  • All program requirements must be finalized 4 weeks (or more) prior to the student's start date.

School representatives are responsible for coordinating the experience and submitting packets on behalf of their student interns. All interested students should have a school representative contact Mona Lindsay to plan your internship experience and understand the next steps:

Student Internship Program