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Dr. Spector -- OrthoCarolina Spine Surgeon


I am a little over a month and a half into my recovery from Lumbar Spinal Fusion surgery. Dr. Spector was my surgeon. My first visit to him was in 2012, referred by my Primary Care physician. Having had three total hip replacements in 6 months, I just could not go back in for surgery, even though I was in so much pain. My back problems worsened significantly over the next 4 years...pain 24 hrs a day from hip to toe. My second visit to Dr. Spector was by choice. He was the only one I wanted to operate on my spine! Dr, Spector thoroughly explained everything to my husband and me and addressed our concerns about spinal surgery. In 2012 he had encouraged a second opinion, I did not seek one. I told him if anything changed, I would be back to see him. I had faith in him from the beginning. My trust was well placed. My surgery was successful. When I awoke from surgery, I knew right away that my extreme pain was completely gone. The pain from back surgery will eventually be gone as well, but the pain I had been suffering for years was just going to get worse. I say and will continue to say the same thing that Linda said in this video: Dr. Spector...thank you for giving me my life back. Thank you for giving me a future to look forward to.
- Sheila Alba
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