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  • University of Pittsburgh - Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, 1990


Donna has over 29 years practicing as a licensed Physical Therapist in outpatient orthopedics.  She has worked at multiple OrthoCarolina clinics over the years and employs research related to healthy habits of exercise and pain neuroscience when treating clients of all ages.

Donna enjoys spending time with her family, running, yoga, golf, reading current research on the mind-body connection, nutrition, and exercise through the lifespan.

Smiles open many doors in our lives…Make a daily intention to smile at those you meet.  You will make a new friend and feel better about yourself!



  • Outpatient orthopedics with a special interest in shoulder, hip and knee
  • Geriatric Physical Therapy
  • Athletic injuries of teenage swimmers
  • Return to golf and running programs
  • Mind-body connection in rehab to promote healing and optimal function 


  • Pain Neuroscience/ Explain Pain
  • Yoga for rehab, health and wellness/ Medical Therapeutic Yoga
  • Nutrition relationships with disease processes
  • Impact of Aging on Functional Mobility and Gait
  • Balance Rehab for Fall Prevention
  • Athletic Injuries of the Shoulder, Knee and Foot
  • Golf and Running Rehabilitation
  • Mindfulness and Breathing for Rehabilitation
  • Parkinson’s Exercise and Rehabilitation
  • KinesioTape
  • Maitland Therapeutic Intervention
  • Biomechanics of Exercise of Specific Tissue for the Spine
  • When the Foot Hits the Ground Everything Changes/ Biomechanics and Rehab of the Lower Extremity
  • Lumbar Functional Stabilization Training
  • NDT