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Hammertoe Causes & Treatment

A hammertoe is a common foot deformity where one of the small toes has an abnormal bend in the middle toe joint. The condition can cause pain and make walking difficult.

Choosing the Right Shoes | Dr. Scott Biggerstaff, Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Surgeon

Finding shoes that provide the right support for your feet can be challenging. But it doesn't have to be. Dr. Scott Biggerstaff, orthopedic foot & ankle surgeon at OrthoCarolina Winston-Salem, explains the different types of feet & tips on how to choose the right shoes with Carol Andrews at WXLV ABC 45. Check out these helpful tips when looking for new shoes.

5 Reasons to Choose an Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Surgeon

Orthopedic foot & ankle specialists treat even the most complex foot and ankle problems and serve as a reliable source when surgery is recommended.

4 Common Foot & Ankle Problems & What to Do

Foot and ankle problems can range from annoying to life-changing. Dr. Scott Biggerstaff, an orthopedic surgeon specializing in foot and ankle, addresses common conditions that can cause pain, stiffness and even odd sounds.

    Exploring the Body from the Inside Out: Foot & Ankle

    Hear from our panel of orthopedic experts about Stress Fractures & Sprains, Achilles Tendonitis & Tears, Bunions, Ankle & Heel Pain and Arthritis in the OAS Season 1 finale. 

    How to Know if You Might Have Bunions and When to See a Doctor

    Bunions are bulging bony bumps that form at the big toe joint when pressure on the joint pushes it toward the second toe. Bunions alter the structure of the bone, resulting in the usually tender bump that can make walking and wearing shoes painful.

    Are Custom Orthotics Worth It? Here's What You Need To Know

    Genuine custom foot orthotics are made specifically to your left and right anatomical foot geometry.  They realign and stabilize the bones in your feet in order to restore your natural walking pattern more effectively than over-the-counter inserts.

    Are My Shoes to Blame? Common Foot Problems & How to Minimize Pain

    Wearing shoes that fit poorly can lead to a myriad of problems, from minor foot discomfort to stress fractures and meniscus tears.

    How to Choose the Right Athletic Shoes

    Choosing the right athletic shoe for your foot is key to moving comfortably, efficiently and safely. Get to know your foot type and follow the tips above to choose an athletic shoe that’s right for you.

    Minimally Invasive Surgery for Bunions: What to Know

    For many people who cannot find relief from nonsurgical treatment methods, bunion surgery becomes necessary. Surgical candidates include patients who can’t walk more than a few blocks without foot pain, cannot bend or straighten their toe, or whose big toe is constantly red and painful.

    Tackling an Unwelcome Ankle Injury: How One Player Returned to the Field

    For JaQuan King, senior at Mount Tabor High School in Winston-Salem, football was life. He was set to be a top-ranked college football prospect in 2016; he had scored four touchdowns during a jamboree scrimmage and had high hopes of being recruited until he found himself on the ground holding a swollen ankle surrounded by trainers and players. He had a season-ending ankle injury and wondered if he’d ever get to play again.

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