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Chris Gabriel, PT, MPT, OCS, CSCS

Scrape the Pain Away: The Graston Technique®

Modeled from the centuries-old Chinese Gua Sha technique, the Graston Technique® relies on a special stainless-steel tool and massage method to stimulate blood flow and promote healing.

OC Presents the 2023 Sports Medicine Symposium

Join us for the 35th Sports Medicine Symposium as we discuss the principles of injury prevention, recognition, and treatment of athletic shouder injuries.

Better Hips, Better Golf Swing

Mobility of the hips can open golfers up for a smoother swing.  Read more from Chris Gabriel, physical therapist at OC Sports Training Center.

At-Home Olympic-Style Workouts

In this series, we cover different Olympic events and relate them to upcoming spring sports with insight from OrthoCarolina Sports Medicine Specialists.

Pitch Smart Guidelines for Youth Athletes: Key Insights for Safe and Effective Pitching

Discover expert advice on safe pitching practices for youth athletes, covering crucial topics like year-round throwing, strength training alternatives, warm-up routines, and post-throwing recovery methods. Stay informed and keep young athletes in top form with Pitch Smart Guidelines.

Exploring the Body from the Inside Out: Athletic Injuries

Our panel of sports medicine specialists look at the causes and treatments of common sports injuries including ACL and meniscus tears, shoulder dislocation, rotator cuff tears and more in this edition of our Orthopedic Anatomy Series: Exploring Your Body from the Inside Out.

Preventing ACL Injuries in Youth Sports

Anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, injuries are extremely common in youth sports. How an athlete lands when coming down from a jump can increase or minimize their risk of this infamous knee injury.

Dynamic Stretches for Runners

Wondering how you should be stretching before a run? The more movement, the better. 

Trying to Stay Hydrated? The Truth About Sports Drinks VS. Water

Read the label – sports and energy drinks may have more in them than you bargained for.

Physical Performance Testing: Not Just for NFL Hopefuls

When NFL hopefuls go through drills in the NFL Combine, millions of dollars are on the line but these drills can help you, too, as you chart your athletic progress or as your PT decides if you're ready to get back to activity after an injury.

    7 of Your Most Burning Questions about Standing Desks Answered by a Physical Therapist

    We’ve been told over and over that sitting too much is highly detrimental to your health. The reality is that many of us have to sit at a desk for much of the day. 

    But does the fact that too much sitting is bad mean that investing in a standing desk is the best solution?

    If You Sit at a Desk All Day, This Muscle Might Be in Danger

    It’s not as well-known as its companion muscle the gluteus maximus, but the gluteus medius has an important job: to stabilize the pelvis and hips. Here's what to know about sitting.

    A Simple Way to Improve Your Running

    While there may be no perfect way to run for everyone, we can all benefit from a few tips that can improve running efficiency.

    Treating Sore Muscles with Cold Therapy

    Whether it’s a simple cold pack, ice bath or a higher tech application, athletes are always looking for the latest and greatest tool to aid recovery and minimize downtime between intense training sessions.

    What is Myofascial Pain and how do you treat it?

    You have likely heard the term “myofascial pain” or “myofascial pain syndrome” being thrown around. Most people are familiar with the prefix “Myo” as it refers to muscles. “Fascia” is a thin sheet or band of connective tissue made primarily of collagen that helps to attach and separate muscles and internal organs. It surrounds and attaches to all structures within the body. Situations can develop where the muscles or fascia become chronically irritated and painful, sometimes including painful knots or trigger points.

    Making a Meal Out of Health: 10 Tips to Eat Healthy

    Becoming a healthy eater starts with choosing healthy, delicious foods. Selecting the right healthy foods might sound overwhelming if it’s new to you, but even small steps and changes pay off in the long run.

    Warm Up Right for Soccer Performance and Prevention

    These days, most people usually agree that athletes should be doing some type of warm up prior to taking the field, including sports like soccer. What is less clear is exactly what that warm up should look like. Just jogging or doing prolonged hold, stretching is inadequate, and may actually do more harm than good.

    Kinesiology Tape – Tips for Maximum Benefits

    Elastic sports tape, often known as kinesiology tape, was first introduced to the US market in the 1990’s, quickly gaining a following among runners, volleyball competitors and football players. These days everyone from weekend warriors to Olympians athletes can be seen taping up.

    Football player beats the odds to get back to his team

    Multiple injuries, including ligament tears and foot drop, leave Alec Parsons on the sidelines

    19 Running Injury-Prevention Tips from OrthoCarolina Experts

    19 Running Injury-Prevention Tips from OrthoCarolina Experts