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Bryan M. Saltzman, MD
Exploring the Body from the Inside Out: Athletic Injuries:
Watch Full Live Stream HERE. Sports Injuries Explained HERE.

Logan Godman's Inspiring Journey: Overcoming ACL Injury to Shine in Senior Football Season

Explore Logan Godman's inspiring journey from an ACL injury to a triumphant return to football. Discover the crucial role played by Dr. Bryan Saltzman, along with dedicated professionals Courtney LaFreniere and Matt Erbe, in Logan's remarkable recovery. Witness how Logan's determination and social media presence motivated not only himself but also athletes facing similar challenges. Follow his story as he shines in his senior football season, exemplifying the importance of proper preparation and rehabilitation after ACL injuries.

OC Presents the 2023 Sports Medicine Symposium

Join us for the 35th Sports Medicine Symposium as we discuss the principles of injury prevention, recognition, and treatment of athletic shouder injuries.

Running Tips for New Years Resolutions with Dr. Saltzman

OrthoCarolina specialist, Dr. Bryan Saltzman discusses tips for cardio in the new year.

SouthPark Magazine Names 20 OrthoCarolina Physicians in 2023 Top Doctors List

Please join us in congratulating each of the 20 OrthoCarolina physicians recognized as 2023 SouthPark magazine Top Doctors.  

Between the Bones Episode 10: Shoulder Dislocation and Instability with Dr. Saltzman

Shoulder dislocation and instability with OrthoCarolina MD, Bryan Saltzman.

Between the Bones Episode 8: ACL Tears and Subsequent Reconstruction with Dr. Bryan Saltzman

Listen to OrthoCarolina's Dr. Bryan Saltzman as he breaks down the specifics of the ACL as well as discusses the details of an ACL surgery.

ACL Injuries 101 – What Is the ACL and Why Are Injuries So Common?

Knees are vulnerable to injury, particularly for athletes who regularly jump, pivot, twist and tackle. The ACL is the most common ligament in the knee to suffer injury. 

OrthoCarolina Physicians Recognized in 2022 North Carolina’s Top Doctors: Charlotte Region List

OrthoCarolina is proud to have 29 orthopedic physicians recognized in the 2022 North Carolina Top Doctors: Charlotte Region list.

3 Signs of an Overuse Injury

Overuse injuries are extremely common and will happen to most people at some time or other. Recognizing the early signs of an overuse injury can help you avoid pain and excess downtime.

Stumptown AC Signs Partnership With OrthoCarolina

Stumptown AC has signed with OrthoCarolina to be its Official Healthcare provider for the remainder of the spring season with continuing discussions as a long-term partner for future seasons.

Knee MRI's and Meniscus Lesions with Dr. Saltzman on the Nailed It Orthopaedic Podcast

Listen to OrthoCarolina's Dr. Bryan Saltzman as he breaks down how to read a knee MRI  and the science behind the operative treatment of meniscus lesions.

Paddle, Bike, Run – OrthoCarolina & Catawba Riverkeeper Launch Outdoor Event Series

OrthoCarolina is proud to introduce the Paddle, Bike, Run series in partnership with Catawba Riverkeeper. This April - October, join Catawba Riverkeeper at The Boathouse in McAdenville, NC, for rotating outdoor sports.

Orthobiologics with Dr. Saltzman on the OrthoPAcPodcast

Listen to Dr. Bryan Saltzman from OrthoCarolina break down the medicine and science behind Orthobiologics and Regenerative Medicine. Commonly referred to as 'Stem Cell Therapy', Dr. Saltzman shares his research and evidence-based insights on this popular consumer topic.
This 3-part series is part of the orthoPAc Podcast, hosted by Sam Dyer, PA-C. learn more at

Making Sense of Orthobiologics: An Explanation

Watch Dr. Bryan Saltzman give a detailed and educational talk on the current status of orthobiologics and regenerative medicine in Sports Medicine. In partnership with the Physician Assistants in Orthopaedic Surgery.

Exploring the Body from the Inside Out: Athletic Injuries

Our panel of sports medicine specialists look at the causes and treatments of common sports injuries including ACL and meniscus tears, shoulder dislocation, rotator cuff tears and more in this edition of our Orthopedic Anatomy Series: Exploring Your Body from the Inside Out.

ACL Injuries 101 – What Is ACL Reconstruction?

Unfortunately, the ACL cannot heal itself once torn. ACL reconstruction surgery can help patients return to the sports and physical activities they love after a serious injury.

Cartilage 101 – Is My Cartilage Healthy?

Healthy articular (joint) cartilage cushions our joints and ensures they can bend and straighten fluidly and without pain. What causes cartilage damage and how can you prevent it from happening?

Cartilage 101 – What Is Cartilage and What Does It Do?

We often hear about the importance of cartilage to protect our joints. But what exactly is cartilage, and how does it keep our joints healthy?

Knee Health with OrthoCarolina

Good Day asks the questions you want answered about your knees with the help of OrthoCarolina.

What You Probably Don’t Know About Orthobiologics

Orthobiologics -- which you may hear referred to as biologics, cell-based therapy, regenerative medicine or stem cell therapy -- are derived from substances that naturally exist in the body. Does Sweating Profusely Mean You Get a Better Workout?

Finishing every workout drenched is a good thing right? Well, maybe. Sports medicine experts explain. 

Seven Physicians Join OrthoCarolina

Charlotte-headquartered OrthoCarolina has hired seven doctors in its offices across the Carolinas, bringing its total number of physicians to 141. The new providers will help fill growing needs in specific markets and orthopedic specialties.