Scrape the Pain Away – Graston Technique

Gua sha, a Chinese medicine technique that involves scraping muscle tissue to stimulate blood flow has been used for centuries to promote healing.

Focus on Radiology: Frequently Asked X-Ray Questions

X-rays are a type of imaging technique that we use to diagnose injuries or issues in the bones so that your doctor can plan a course of treatment.

Plantar Fasciitis: Exercises you can do at home

  1. Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of foot and heel pain.

Higher Education: An In-Depth Look at OrthoCarolina’s Physical Therapy Residency Program

The OrthoCarolina Residency in Orthopedic Physical Therapy combines ongoing clinical mentoring with a theoretical basis for advanced practice and scientific inquiry

Brachial Plexus Clinic Description and Educational

The OrthoCarolina Brachial Plexus team recognizes the importance of treating the entire patient and not just the affected limb.

What is IT Band Syndrome?

Strengthening hip and gluteus medius muscles can reduce your chances of getting IT band injuries.

Kinesiology Tape – Tips for Maximum Benefits

Elastic sports tape, often known as kinesiology tape, was first introduced to the US market in the 1990’s, quickly gaining a following among runners, volleyball competitors and football players. These days everyone from weekend warriors to Olympians athletes can be seen taping up.

Dry needling with e-stim: How it Can Help Pain

Myofascial trigger points are areas of your muscle that have inflammation, and if you’ve ever had them, you know they can be a real pain.

Congenital Hand Clinic Description and Education Info

We use a multidisciplinary approach in caring for congenital differences that affect the hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, upper arm and shoulder

Congenital Hand Clinic at the OrthoCarolina Hand Center

1915 Randolph Road, 2nd Floor, Charlotte, NC 28207

The Cartilage Restoration Institute

Every day people injure the cartilage in their knees, shoulders and other joints. Regardless of the cause, the result is the same: tremendous pain that makes it difficult to enjoy your daily life.

Cartilage Restoration at OrthoCarolina

Every day people injure the cartilage in their knees, shoulders and other joints.

OrthoCarolina Hand Therapy Residency Program Achieves Candidacy Status: 10 Things to Know

OrthoCarolina’s Hand Therapy Residency Program has achieved “candidacy” status, making it the only hand therapy residency in NC to achieve this level of certification and one of three hand therapy residencies in the country to be on track for full national accreditation.

What is pediatric scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine which may cause the spine to be in the shape of a C or S instead of being straight.

What is Kohlers?

Kohler's disease is a condition, where the navicular bone in the foot looses its blood supply temporarily and sustains a state of bone death, also called avascular necrosis.

What is Osgood Schlatter's Disease?

Osgood Schlatter’s is a condition associated with inflammation of the apophysis of the tibial tubercle. This means that a portion of the growth plate of the shin bone has become irritated.

What is Pediatric Hip Dysplasia?

Hip Dysplasia is a comprehensive term that has been used to include a spectrum of related developmental hip problems in infants and children, often present at birth.

What is Blount’s Disease?

Blount’s disease is a condition affecting the growth plate of the tibia, also known as the shin bone.

What are bowed-legs?

“Bowed legs” is a term used to describe the medical term genu varum, which means the knees fall outside the midline of the legs.

What is Clubfoot?

The medical term for clubfoot is talipes equinovarus and this describes the position of the foot. The feet are pointed down (equinus) and inward (varus).

What is a discoid meniscus?

A normal meniscus is a c-shaped cushion of cartilage that supports the knee joint. A discoid meniscus is shaped more like a disc and does not taper as much toward the center.

What is femoroacetabular impingement?

Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) is a condition in the hip joint involving abnormal friction between the ball (femoral head) and socket (acetabulum).

What are flat feet?

Flat feet are a condition in which the foot doesn't have a normal arch. It may affect one foot or both feet.

What is intoeing?

In-toeing is a pattern of walking in which the toes point inward instead of straight forward. There are varying degrees of in-toeing, some being mild and others being severe.