Sports Medicine Fellows

  • Chip Bankston - Head Team Physician, New Orleans Saints
  • Kirk McCullough - Team Physician, Kansas City Chiefs
  • Sheldon Martin - Team Physician, Arizona Cardinals


“This was an absolutely incredible year all the way around. The OrthoCarolina Sports Medicine and Shoulder/Elbow fellowship far exceeded my expectations going into fellowship. The case volume is incredibly high, but more importantly, the complexity and breadth of cases are incredibly high. The fellowship covers all the key areas without any deficiencies. All of the faculty are excellent teachers and allow an incredible hands-on experience. I feel I have gained five great mentors that will be incredibly helpful to me going forward in my career. The sports coverage offers a great variety ranging from high school to professional athletics. Lastly, the flexibility of scheduling and the ability to customize my schedule to increase my training in specific areas pertaining to my upcoming job was incredibly helpful. I would 100% make the same decision to come here again!”

- Keith Corpus, MD (Class of 2018-2019)

“This was an amazing year and exactly what I was looking for in a fellowship. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to come here, and I would do it again a thousand times over. You guys are an amazing group of surgeons and mentors. The fellowship is very hands-on, we operate a lot, we see an excellent variety of pathology and we learned many different techniques to do the same procedure. You all have different teaching backgrounds. This is probably one of the greatest strengths of the program – the breadth and variety of training.

Thank you for an amazing year! No question, this was the best year of my training! “

- Casey Stuhlman, MD (Class of 2017-2018)

“When choosing a fellowship, I was looking for a program that had a mentorship model, included a large variety of complex cases, and would develop independence to help start my practice. OrthoCarolina exceeded my expectations. The experience was great, the people were great, and Charlotte was a great place to live for a year.”

- Jonathan Lester, MD (Class of 2016-17)

“I placed OrthoCarolina #1 on my fellowship rank list for a variety of reasons, and it has been my honor and privilege to have matched here and to have been given the opportunity to work with such an outstanding group. I believe the fellowship provides a unique hybrid year of training, combining a comprehensive orthopedic Sports Medicine Fellowship with an excellent Shoulder and Elbow experience. The surgical/clinical variety and volume are exceptional. I was given ample opportunities to develop my skills in an appropriate and graduated fashion. The attendings provide excellent mentorship, demonstrate a genuine interest in the fellows' education and personal endeavors, and there is strong collegiality within the group. There are many high yield sports coverage experiences throughout the year. The fellows are given dedicated time for research projects each week and funding was provided to attend several educational conferences. All of these factors, combined with the opportunity to spend a year in a great city like Charlotte, made this an easy decision for me - and one that I am very grateful for.”

- Jason Andersen, MD (Class of 2016-17)

“Having looked at many of the prominent Sports Medicine Fellowships across the country, I felt as though OrthoCarolina offered the most well-rounded fellowship training experience. I had very high expectations upon moving to Charlotte and they were all exceeded during my year at OrthoCarolina. The Faculty across the board are exceptional teachers, both in the operating room and in the office setting, and they treat the fellows as junior colleagues. The case volume and complexity are unparalleled. The opportunity to work with the Carolina Panthers, UNC Charlotte, Davidson, and Queens University, along with many high schools, provides an incredible exposure to all types and levels of athletes. Fellows are also afforded excellent opportunities to function autonomously, both taking trauma call, and running the resident orthopedic sports medicine clinic. Looking back, I cannot imagine a better fellowship experience and I left feeling completely prepared to begin my practice. If I had to do it over, I would choose OrthoCarolina again, and again. I consider the faculty their colleagues, and friends for life.”

- Jonathan Watling, MD (Class of 2016-17)

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