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How Tony Stewart, Kyle Busch got back on track

OrthoCarolina, a Charlotte orthopedic clinic. Over the past decade, OrthoCarolina staff members have become as much a part of the NASCAR traveling circus as the other regulars who roam the same roads as drivers, crews and officials. More

14 May 2015

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What Should You Eat Pre and Post Workout?

A NASCAR trainer spills the beans More

13 May 2015
Hi there is what had to say: It depends on what you're eating before the workout. If you are eating a meal, 3-4 hours, but if you're only having a snack such as a couple of spoons full of peanut butter or fruit, 20-30 minutes.
- OrthoCarolina
How far in advance should one eat before a workout?
- Jason

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Indoor Cycling: A Spine Surgeon’s Perspective

David T. Anderson, MD, shares why he rides and how indoor cycling helps the body’s core More

11 May 2015

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OrthoCarolina Motorsports Program keeps NASCAR teams on top in performance


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