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OrthoCarolina is one of the nation's leading independent academic orthopedics practices serving North Carolina and the Southeast since 1922. We provide comprehensive musculoskeletal care including operative and non-operative care, diagnostic imaging and rehabilitative therapy. Widely known for musculoskeletal research and training, our physicians have specialized expertise in foot & ankle, hip & knee, shoulder & elbow, spine, sports medicine, hand, pediatric orthopedics, and physical medicine and rehabilitation. OrthoCarolina. You. Improved.


We comprise the nation's leading physicians, physician's assistants & therapists

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Patient Education

As a national leader in orthopedic educational research, we share data and information you can trust

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Fit Tip Friday – How and Why to Do a Side Plank

Side planks are a great exercise because they work the entire core More

23 Jan

Why the Transverse Abdominus is an Important Part of Your Core

In part three of our series on "core" trunk muscles and back pain we look at the muscle called the transversus abdominus. More

20 Jan

Gauging an Injury: An Update on NASCAR‘s Nate Bolling

Denny Hamlin’s Jackman on the Mend More

17 Jan

10 Ways to Keep Your Back Healthy

Does your job give you a pain in the neck or back? More

15 Jan

Local patients receive free joint replacements through national organization

The replacement surgeries were coordinated through Operation Walk USA, a local hospital and by Dr. David Howe, an orthopedic surgeon with OrthoCarolina in Winston-Salem. More

14 Jan

Why You Should Train Your ‘Real’ Core

In your core you have “muscles you can see” and the real core muscles “you can’t see.” More

8 Jan

Plantar Fasciitis: What to Know

Plantar fasciitis affects nearly 2 million Americans each year, with over 10% of the population suffering from this condition at some point over their lifetime. More

5 Jan