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OrthoCarolina is one of the nation's leading independent academic orthopedics practices serving North Carolina and the Southeast since 1922. We provide comprehensive musculoskeletal care including operative and non-operative care, diagnostic imaging and rehabilitative therapy. Widely known for musculoskeletal research and training, our physicians have specialized expertise in foot & ankle, hip & knee, shoulder & elbow, spine, sports medicine, hand, pediatric orthopedics, and physical medicine and rehabilitation. OrthoCarolina. You. Improved.


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National Physical Therapy Month: Meet Kristine Royen

She loves sports as much as you do! More

22 Oct

What We’re Doing in Physical Therapy -- Y Balance Test

As those of us in the therapy world look to get more objective and evidence-based, incorporating new tools can certainly make our jobs easier. More

20 Oct

Why I Chose Physical Therapy as My Career

A Former PT Patient Becomes a PT Herself More

17 Oct

What We’re Doing in Physical Therapy: Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)

Soft-tissue injuries sometimes happen gradually, such as overuse issues in athletes or people who do repetitive physical work More

16 Oct

30 Things You Didn’t Know About Physician Assistants (PAs)

National PA Week is held every year from Oct. 6–12 More

8 Oct

Treating Position-Specific Injuries in NASCAR: Upper Extremities

Fast fact: As of 2013 there were 3,000 published injury studies on football, 1,000 each on baseball and basketball, 140 on bowling, 43 on arm-wrestling and 7 on tug-of-war. NASCAR injury studies? There were 3. More

7 Oct

Why We Need Physician Assistants

National PA Week More

6 Oct

National Physical Therapy Month: Meet John Colville

October is National Physical Therapy Month More

2 Oct

Our PTs: They’ve Got Your Back…and Your Legs…and More…

October is National Physical Therapy Month More

1 Oct

Gastonia Urgent Care now open 7 days a week!

Starting today, 10/1, the orthopedic urgent care at the OrthoCarolina location in Gastonia will be serving patients 7 days a week. Visit URL

30 Sep

Kids and Backpacks: How Heavy is Too Heavy?

For children, heavy school backpacks that pull the force of gravity and alter their posture can put them at risk for neck, shoulder and back pain. More

29 Sep

OrthoCarolina to bundle knee, hip replacement costs.

Instead of waiting for change to be imposed, doctors at Charlotte’s OrthoCarolina, one of the region’s largest physician groups, have taken the lead in adopting a system to simplify billing and improve coordination of care. Visit URL

28 Sep

Meet Angela Sneed, NASCAR Athletic Trainer

How she stayed on track and made her dream come true More

25 Sep

What is Hand Therapy?

As a specialty practice of occupational and physical therapy, hand therapy focuses on orthopedic conditions that affect the upper extremities (hands and arms). More

19 Sep

Post-Race Overtraining: How to Let Your Body Heal Properly

Leading up to a race, it’s important to plan your training accordingly to avoid overtraining... More

15 Sep

OrthoCarolina Steps Up for Dunk Your Kicks to Fight Childhood Cancer

OrthoCarolina, Cards Creating Change and the Max Cure Foundation have teamed up for Dunk Your Kicks, a program to support Childhood Cancer Awareness month in September that collects used sneakers. More

11 Sep

What You Think Is Your Core Isn’t Really Your Core

The “core” is such a hot topic these days. Is it abs, trunk or back? A combination of all of those? Strong core muscles keep your spine healthier, yet there is a lot of confusion as to exactly what those muscles are. More

10 Sep

Welcome to Dr. Alison Warren, DAOM, L.Ac.

Dr. Warren holds a doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and heads up our new Integrative Medicine service line. Visit URL

9 Sep

World Physical Therapy Day

Our physical therapists at OrthoCarolina play a vital role in keeping our patients healthy, improving movement, managing pain, promoting healing, and are often an important part of rehabilitation for those with chronic conditions. More

8 Sep

Welcome to Dr. Parikh, OrthoCarolina Hickory

Dr. Parikh is a fellowship trained Interventional Physiatrist Visit URL

7 Sep

My Hand Can Art Exhibit Opens Uptown

The My Hand Can art exhibition opens at the Mint Museum Uptown on September 3, showcasing the works of OrthoCarolina Hand Center patients. More

2 Sep

How to Properly Foam Roll

Foam rolling has become increasingly popular over recent years, and foam rollers of all sizes can be found in almost any gym or physical therapy clinic in the United States. More

27 Aug

What is Arthritis of the Foot?

Arthritis is very common in middle age and we see it often in the foot. More

25 Aug

What We’re Doing in Physical Therapy -- Dry Needling

When we contract our muscles repetitively, such as motion in sports activities, jobs or stress-related muscle tension, sensitive trigger points can develop within the muscle itself along the fascia that cover and protect them. More

24 Aug

How to Avoid Rotator Cuff Injuries While Working

Rotator cuff injuries or tears are one of the most commonly encountered shoulder problems seen by orthopedic surgeons. More

22 Aug

How to Know Which Running Shoes to Buy

Whether you’re hitting the asphalt or the trails, the mountains, the beach or somewhere in between for your run, there are a lot of different factors that go into picking the right shoe. More

20 Aug

How Orthotics Can Help Your Feet

Faulty alignment in your feet can create havoc and pain in the entire body... More

19 Aug

Overtraining: When it Comes to Running, How Much is Too Much?

The simple definition of overtraining is not allowing enough recovery time between hard workouts to allow your body to recover... More

18 Aug

Toe Up, Toe Off: How Important is Footstrike in Running?

How the foot interacts with the ground while running is a topic of many running conversations... More

7 Aug

Aquatic and Pool-based Therapy

Aquatic-based therapy offers a healing medium and therapeutic components that can be customized to each patient’s needs... Visit URL

5 Aug

What We’re Doing in Physical Therapy – the McKenzie Method & Self-Treatment for Back Pain

Back pain can sometimes feel unbearable... More

1 Aug

8 Ways to Keep Your Knees Healthy as You Age

Knee pain is a common problem, especially in older adults. As we move, walk and run every day, we battle gravity, and natural deterioration will occur... More

31 Jul

What We’re Doing in Physical Therapy – Check out H-Wave ®

H-Wave stimulation is a drug-free form of electrical stimulation, or small muscle fiber stimulator, that treats chronic soft-tissue injury, improves lymphatic flow, and helps decrease acute, chronic and neuropathic pain More

23 Jul

The “Real Core”: Yoga and the Psoas

Your core muscles are deep in your back and help stabilize and strengthen your spine. More

22 Jul

Off to a Running Start!

Whether you’re an experienced runner or still working up to completing a mile, running is a full-body exercise that helps strengthen bones, muscles, vital organs and more. We’re partnering with the Charlotte Observer to launch Run Charlotte Run, putting the best in running tips, inspiration, health information and more all in one place. Visit URL

17 Jul