#DiscussCLT Podcast

A production of Charlotte Magazine, Andy Goh and Andy Smith take a look at the city's defining issues in conversation with regional leaders and thinkers.

CharlotteFive Podcast

Presented by The Charlotte Observer, This is a weekly podcast that aims to get you Charlotte Smart, Fast with fun, interesting and useful news about the city. It’s hosted by Corey Inscoe and Sarah Crosland.

Blue Skies: Stories That Heal

Blue Skies: Stories That Heal are unique stories of healing from the point of view of the patients and their caregivers to inspire and empower

Primetime Run Club Podcast

A production of WFNZ, Host Chris Kroeger chats up all things running. Guest range from the casual runner to the expert, with some medical suggestions sprinkled in as well! Enjoy.

Why research matters: Always improving patient care

Research is important to the physicians of OrthoCarolina. We are never stagnating... we are always driving technology forward. The story, background and importance of the OrthoCarolina Research Institute and Oscar Miller Day.

Roan Mountain Hike Asheville

Hiking Roan Mountain in Asheville. ... powered by OrthoCarolina thru a partnership with RootsRated.com

Workout to Win Contest

Beginning December 1, 2016, we challenge you to break a sweat, get creative and have a chance to win some great prizes. “Dodge”, a local Charlottean on a quest to get fit, will show you the ropes as he gets the blood flowing and tries out #TheFreeWorkout himself.

Eastern Slickrock Ride Asheville

Riding Slickrock at Dupont State Recreation Area. ... powered by OrthoCarolina thru a partnership with RootsRated.com

Spine Care - OrthoCarolina Radio

Featuring Dr. Eric Laxer from the Spine Center at OrthoCarolina. The topics discussed range from what conditions are seen and what types of patients are seen to how new technology and innovation are modernizing the field. This series is done in conjunction with Beasley Radio and K 104.7 FM.

No more pickaxing? Say it ain't so doc...

After a shoulder injury, Norm was seen at our University location...watch the visit unfold.


Visit www.cltfreeworkout.com for all the details of the community program.

The Future of Private Practice

Key thoughts from OrthoCarolina CEO Dr. Dan Murrey. Successful private practices are focused on the forces driving healthcare today: collaboration and integration, transparency on quality and cost, systems thinking and innovation.