OrthoCarolina is an approved provider for the following Veteran sponsored health plans: CHAMP-VA, Tricare*, Veterans Affairs-Non VA care, and Veterans Choice Program.

Veterans Choice Program

Under the updated criteria, a Veteran is eligible for the Veterans Choice Program if he or she is enrolled in the VA health care system and meets at least one of the following conditions:

Enrolled before August 1, 2014:

  • Wait times for VA care exceed 30 days from the desired care date or the date medically determined by your physician
  • Non-VA care is prescribed by a VA provider
  • Live more than 40 miles from to the nearest VA care site – VAMC, community-based outpatient clinic (CBOC), etc
  • Live less than 40 miles from a VA medical facility, but face an unusual or excessive burden in getting there because of geographical challenges or must travel by air, boat, or ferry to reach such a facility
  • Live in a state without full-service VA medical facilities that provides hospital care, emergency service and surgical care, and reside more than 20 miles from such facility.

Non-VA care is only covered by VA for medical needs that have been approved by your VA physician. To verify eligibility and coordinate your pre-approved care Veterans are encourage to call 1-866-606-8198.

For additional information on Veterans Choice Program and locating participating providers, visit www.va.gov/opa/choiceact.

requirements & process for Appointment Scheduling via the Veterans Choice Program:

  • Health Net Federal Services will send a fax to OrthoCarolina/Pre Registration Department 704-323-2227: Veterans-Appointment Request, Authorization (indicates eligibility and services approved), and Consult Notes
  • Once received an OrthoCarolina Representative will contact the Veteran within 24-48 business hours to schedule an appointment
  • OrthoCarolina will notify Health Net Federal Services of scheduled appointment
  • Health Net Federal Services will issue a Patient Provider Packet with complete authorization information

Additional Information:

  • Need to Apply for VA Health Care Benefits? Complete an application online www.va.gov , Go to your local VA health care facility, or call 1-877-222-VETS(8387)

More Resources: www.va.gov, https://www.hnfs.com/content/hnfs/home/va/home/veterans-choice.html


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