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It’s been said that sweat is nature’s way of keeping you cool, so why not take your workout outside?

Grab a friend, or two, or three, or even just yourself, and check out our new #TheFreeWorkout spots all over town.

These free, bodyweight-based workouts designed by OrthoCarolina will get your heart pumping and offer an alternative to your normal gym routine.

  • Who is #THEFreeWorkout for?

#TheFreeWorkout is a partnership between OrthoCarolina & #thesavageway utilizing Clean Graffiti to promote wellness. We’ve worked together to create several free self-guided workouts in neighborhoods around the Charlotte region. Our goal is to make fitness and a healthy lifestyle accessible to everyone. 

  • What are the workouts, and are you sure I can do them?

Each self-guided workout takes place along an approximately 800-1,000 foot stretch of sidewalk and involves six bodyweight exercises. The full routine will take you through the workout five times, but you can modify as needed.

  • Where are the workouts?

You can find #TheFreeWorkout in several locations across the Charlotte region



We would like to get everyone in our company (3 different locations) involved and create some internal competition. Is there a chart or some sort of document/chart already created that could be "ticked off" to track progress of each individual?
- Robin
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OrthoCarolina says:
Hi there Robin, What a great idea ... so inventive. And yes we have something that might work for you. ] Please send us an email at ocinfo@orthcarolina.com and we'll pass it along. Thank you.
I would really like to do this. Is this really free or is there a "catch" at the end?
- Alicia sae-tiew
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OrthoCarolina says:
HI Alicia, Nope, no catch. Please go enjoy at your leisure! Thank you.
We'd love to host a freeworkout location in Monroe at Memorial United Methodist Church at 1200 Miller Street. Please contact me at revbillosl@aol.com so we can get started!
- Rev. Bill
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OrthoCarolina says:
Hi there Rev. Bill, We appreciate the feedback. We are working now on our next phase of the program and we will do our best to find the best sites possible. Stay tuned. Thank you!
This is really an awesome and innovative idea. I understand that the workout is self-guided and it is intended for the participant to repeat the rotations 5X, but is the list of recommended exercises posted somewhere?
- Ges L
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OrthoCarolina says:
Hi Ges, Yes, we have a video of each posted here: https://www.orthocarolina.com/news/cat/oc-blog/subcat/clt-free-workout/detail/cltfreeworkout-videos Thank you.
Is there a schedule for the times and locations the map isn't clear or big enough to see.
- vivian
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OrthoCarolina says:
Hi Vivian, it's a self-guided workout...so the time and schedule are up to you! Thanks.
Do the same for Monroe?
- Karen
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Marise says:
I'm in Monroe also. Can you do something similar out in Union County?
OrthoCarolina says:
Thanks, Karen and Marise, We working on the next phase of this program now and will be sure to scout locations in Union County. Appreciate the feedback.
This is so innovative! Thanks for doing this. I am going to bring my kids out this week to do a workout!
- Kathleen S.
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This is so cool...I can add this to my running route.
- Chris P
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