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Healthy Replacements

It’s Friday and you’re ready to bust out of the office once the clock strikes five. Before you leave and rush home to begin preparing for your Friday night, stop at the gym. It’s much easier to make yourself get in a quick work out before you get home, and it’ll get a healthy momentum going for the rest of the weekend. Here are additional healthy alternatives for your weekend:

Netflix > Bike Ride
Rather than binging on a new TV show, grab your bike and a few friends and enjoy an active day. Many cities have efficient and cheap bike rental systems.
Day at Breweries > Smoothies and Walking
Spending a day touring breweries and trying their beverages is fun, but those calories really add up. Pick up smoothies and go on a walk around the park instead.
Bar Crawl > Hiking
If you’re going to be walking around all day, why not enjoy nature and have a beautiful view awaiting you?
Lazy Brunch > Whitewater Rafting
It’s tempting to go to brunch on the weekends and sit around with friends drinking Mimosas and Bloody Marys. For a healthy alternative visit the US National Whitewater Center and choose from activities including whitewater rafting, kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding.
Movies > Gallery Walk
Going to the movies is a nice date night during the week activity, but take advantage of gallery walks on the weekend evenings and open your eyes to new sights.
Online Shopping > Window Shopping
Add exercise to your shopping habits (and possibly save money) by window-shopping.
Playing Video Games > Activity Space
Put yourself in the action by finding a space with rock climbing walls, obstacles, paintball, etc.

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