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Fit Tip Friday – Push-Up 101

Push-ups are one of the most basic and well-known exercises, yet one of the hardest to do correctly. Good form means your body is in one long, straight line; spine neutral, glutes stable and abdominal muscles held tight. Since it’s better to do one correct push-up than a lot of bad ones that put you at risk for injury, here’s how to do a push-up the right way.

1. Start in a plank rigid position; hands directly under chest. Keep stomach tight.

2. Take chest down to hands, keeping back and backside even and parallel to the floor.

3. Come back up, ending in the same start plank position.

4. Keep elbows tucked in to side at 45 degrees, with chest hovered five inches off the ground.

Modified version: all rules apply, except for exercise is done on knees


Hunter Yard and Jackie Gorman, D1 Charlotte

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