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Fit Tip Friday – How and Why to Do a Side Plank

Sarah Stankavage Pitts, Flywheel and FlyBarre Instructor, Flywheel Sports Charlotte

Side planks are a great exercise because they work the entire core, including the internal and external obliques and transverse abdominis. A side plank can be modified and made more difficult to create a greater challenge.

Begin on your forearm on your left side, opening your body to the right. Your feet can be stacked, top foot in front of bottom or the most modified, with your bottom knee on the ground.

Simply hold this pose for :30, lifting through your obliques. 

To add challenges:

1. Reach your arm overhead or towards the ceiling.








2. Pulse your hips toward the ceiling using your obliques to lift 1-2inches.








3. Lift top leg and reach arm overhead.








4. Weave top hand under hips and overhead keeping feet stacked.








Fit Tips are posted every other Friday. This week’s Fit Tip is brought to you by Flywheel Sports Charlotte.

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