Preventing Soccer Injuries in Young Players

From focusing on core and balance work to diversifying motion, these tips can help prevent soccer injuries from happening.

July 02, 2019

Upper Extremity Injuries in Soccer Are More Common Than You Think

Upper extremity injuries like wrist and finger fractures are common in soccer players and can be missed on the field.

June 28, 2019

ACL Tears for Women - Why Female Soccer Players Are 6 Times More Likely to Become Injured

Sports medicine specialist Margaret Lynch, PA-C, joins FOX 46 to discuss to the commonality of ACL tears and how to prevent them.

June 19, 2019

A Shot at a Full Comeback: How One Soccer Player Beat the Dreaded ACL Injury

Female athletes have been known to have a higher risk of injuring their anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, while participating in competitive sports. McKaley Boston knows that pain all too well. This is her comeback story.

June 19, 2019

World Cup Hub

From brackets to group guides that focus on teams connections to the Carolinas, our 2018 World Cup Hub is the place to go for all the latest local world cup information.

June 11, 2018

From Two ACL Tears to West Point - Patient Caroline Horne

Two ACL tears in less than a year would be difficult to come back from for most. But with hard work and a positive attitude, Charlottean Caroline Horne didn't just recover from her two ACL tears - she thrived. Learn more about how Caroline went from double injury to successful West Point student with the help of OrthoCarolina's medical team.

June 11, 2018

I’m a soccer mom… here’s why my kids are taking this year off

I’m a mom of two active boys who love soccer. They’ve been playing since they were five years old. As a former athlete and a physical therapist, I know how important it is to give your body time to rest and recover from overuse of the muscles and joints. When my kids came to me and said they wanted to take a break this season, I understood.

September 18, 2017

Hear it from an Athletic Trainer: Why Warming Up is a Crucial Piece in Your Soccer Training Plan

If you could increase your soccer skill level efficiency, drastically reduce your chance of injury, and help your body feel better before and after soccer, would you want to know how?
August 29, 2017

No Timeouts: Minimizing Injury Risk in Young Soccer Players

Soccer is not only one of the fastest growing sports, but it’s also one of the most fast-paced. Like any contact sport there is always potential for injury, but during the juvenile and teenage years those chances are higher simply due to growth patterns and growing bodies.

August 28, 2017

Soccer Injuries: What to Do

Jennifer DeRosa knows all too well about soccer injuries. Jennifer started playing soccer at four years old and battled through injuries from a young age through college, playing Division 1 Soccer at UNC Asheville. Injuries included knee and neck strains, and she even needed anterior compartment surgery to bilateral lower legs.
July 28, 2017

Soccer Injuries: Preparation is the Key to Prevention

Prevention of injuries is key for all ages and all sports.
June 21, 2017

Warm Up Right for Soccer Performance and Prevention

These days, most people usually agree that athletes should be doing some type of warm up prior to taking the field, including sports like soccer. What is less clear is exactly what that warm up should look like. Just jogging or doing prolonged hold, stretching is inadequate, and may actually do more harm than good.
June 14, 2017

SNST Launches a Weekly Newsletter and Radio Show

We’re partnering with local sports medicine giant OrthoCarolina to bring you even more locally-brewed goodness here at Soccer ‘n’ Sweet Tea.

June 01, 2017

Is it time to lace up the cleats?

A former professional soccer player’s perspective on playing the sport

June 01, 2017

Why Foam Rolling is Important: A Soccer Player’s Perspective

Not too long ago I was working with the U.S. Men’s National Beach Soccer team in their Beach World Cup qualifier tournament.

March 06, 2017

YMCA of Catawba Valley Soccer Club (YCVSC) & OrthoCarolina

OrthoCarolina is committed to supporting our local community. Here are some highlights of a partnership in Hickory we have with the YCVSC Eagles.

February 06, 2017

5 Things to Know about Charlotte Soccer Academy’s Brad Wylde

An interview with Brad Wylde, President and Executive Director of Charlotte Soccer Academy

February 03, 2017

Charlotte Soccer Academy Player of the Month - December 2016

CSA and OC Player of the Month Charlotte Soccer Academy and OrthoCarolina have partnered to present the Charlotte Soccer Academy Player of the Month Award. Each month, we will recognize an outstanding player.

December 02, 2016

Soccer: Eye Injury Treatment

Andy Hylton, OrthoCarolina physician assistant and former professional soccer player says direct blows to the eyes generally result in temporary blurry vision and can result in a "black eye", but occasionally a more serious eye injury can occur.

October 05, 2016

Multisport Soccer Player Tips

However, despite the love for soccer, the majority of players in England, still played multiple sports.

August 22, 2016

The CSA OrthoCarolina Player of the Month

Charlotte Soccer Academy and OrthoCarolina have partnered to present the Charlotte Soccer Academy Player of the Month Award. Each month, we will recognize an outstanding player.

July 28, 2016

Treating a Nosebleed

Injuries to the face are common in soccer, most often occurring though direct impact with either a soccer ball or collision between players.
July 21, 2016

Shin Splints in Soccer

The pain of shin splits can sideline your game.
June 08, 2016

Three Core Strengthening Soccer Exercises

Soccer players combine speed, strength and agility to compete on the field. Ball handling, sprint work and shooting drills are typically incorporated into practices… but developing core strength may not be.

May 02, 2016

What’s the best way to ice a soccer injury?

If you’ve played or watched soccer, you know how physical the game can be.

April 14, 2016