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OrthoCarolina virtual therapy and virtual appointments

Virtual Therapy: What to Expect

Through virtual therapy, patients can progress toward their physical or hand-therapy and pain-management goals with support from their therapist, all while minimizing social contact.

Being active and outdoors | #YouImproved by OrthoCarolina

Why Adults Need to be More Active

Our society is one that relies heavily on technology and tends to leave us sedentary most of the day, which can cause health problems down the road. Here are some quick tips to become more active and lead a healthier lifestyle overall.

Workout Recovery - How to Get the Most Out of Your Effort

Workout Recovery - How to Get the Most Out of Your Effort

A series of micro muscle tears during workouts lead to increased strength and performance but it's important to jumpstart the recovery process during high-intensity training. 

"Get Moving" with Chris | Turf Toe

Turf Toe - Treatable or Career-Ending?

“Turf Toe” is a term commonly used to refer to pain, swelling, or joint stiffness at the base of the big toe, caused by a sprain to the ligaments and joint capsule

Injury Prevention for Student Athletes

Injury Prevention for Student Athletes

There are around two million injuries in youth sports every year. What is good news for parents and coaches? The majority of these injuries are preventable.

WFNZ Visits the OrthoCarolina Sports Training Center

WFNZ Visits the OrthoCarolina Sports Training Center

Nick and Josh talk a lot about sports during their daily radio show on WFNZ but when it comes to performance they're visiting the OrthoCarolina Sports Training Center.

Standing Desks OrthoCarolina

7 of Your Most Burning Questions about Standing Desks Answered by a Physical Therapist

We’ve been told over and over that sitting too much is highly detrimental to your health. The reality is that many of us have to sit at a desk for much of the day. 

But does the fact that too much sitting is bad mean that investing in a standing desk is the best solution?

Gluteus Medius illustration

If You Sit at a Desk All Day, This Muscle Might Be in Danger

It’s not as well-known as its companion muscle the gluteus maximus, but the gluteus medius has an important job: to stabilize the pelvis and hips. Here's what to know about sitting.


A Simple Way to Improve Your Running

While there may be no perfect way to run for everyone, we can all benefit from a few tips that can improve running efficiency.

Running in the park OrthoCarolina

Running Cadence Counts

One of the joys of running is the ability to throw on your running shoes, hit the road and let your mind relax.

Ice Bag for Cold Therapy

Treating Sore Muscles with Cold Therapy

Whether it’s a simple cold pack, ice bath or a higher tech application, athletes are always looking for the latest and greatest tool to aid recovery and minimize downtime between intense training sessions.

Curling in Charlotte NC

Curling in the Carolinas

More like a chess match than ice hockey, curling is catching on in the Carolinas.

jumping incorrectly

Prepared for Landing…? Preventing ACL Injuries in Youth Sports

Anterior cruciate ligament injuries are extremely common in youth sports today. Although it may seem like these injuries would be mostly caused by collisions with other players (i.e. getting hit or tackled), most times these injures are of the non-contact variety and occur when coming down from a jump or cutting/pivoting.


Warm Up Right for Soccer Performance and Prevention

These days, most people usually agree that athletes should be doing some type of warm up prior to taking the field, including sports like soccer. What is less clear is exactly what that warm up should look like. Just jogging or doing prolonged hold, stretching is inadequate, and may actually do more harm than good.

Graston Technique

Scrape the Pain Away – Graston Technique

Gua sha, a Chinese medicine technique that involves scraping muscle tissue to stimulate blood flow has been used for centuries to promote healing.

IT band tape

Kinesiology Tape – Tips for Maximum Benefits

Elastic sports tape, often known as kinesiology tape, was first introduced to the US market in the 1990’s, quickly gaining a following among runners, volleyball competitors and football players. These days everyone from weekend warriors to Olympians athletes can be seen taping up.

Warming up to run

Midfoot Strike for Runners

A midfoot strike is ideal for runners and helps reduce the force and shock to a runner’s hip, knee and ankle.

Your Running Form Matters

Your Running Form Matters

Running with good form can help runners be more efficient, improve overall performance and avoid injury.

D1 Sports Training Facility

Easy dynamic warm up for runners via the Charlotte Agenda

OrthoCarolina trainer Chris Gabriel teaches Katie Levans how to warm up for a run with four easy moves

D1 - Training Facility

Football player beats the odds to get back to his team

Multiple injuries, including ligament tears and foot drop, leave Alec Parsons on the sidelines

Physical Therapy Balance Test

What We’re Doing in Physical Therapy -- Y Balance Test

As those of us in the therapy world look to get more objective and evidence-based, incorporating new tools can certainly make our jobs easier.

"Get Moving" with Chris

Muscle Balance for Your Hips

(And why you shouldn’t sit all day)

"Get Moving" with Chris

Spring into Baseball: Tips for a Successful Season

After a long and brutal winter, spring has finally sprung in the Carolinas. For many of us, that means one thing – BASEBALL!

Man drinking sports drink

Watch What You Drink: How Healthy are Sports Drinks?

Whether you’re an athlete or not, are these drinks really a smart choice for our bodies?

"Get Moving" with Chris

Stretching - Too Much of a Good Thing?

Stretching does have some benefits in cases of a true flexibility deficit, but there are other ways to improve mobility and performance.