Keeping Jolly: Why Ergonomics Might Be the Best Holiday Gift This Year

Keeping Jolly: Why Ergonomics Might Be the Best Holiday Gift This Year

Santa and his merry little elves may be nimble and quick, but the holiday season brings with it less frequently recognized hazards that could potentially have you muttering Bah-humbug

Put the Brakes on Back Pain

Put the Brakes on Back Pain

Sitting in the carpool line to pick up your kids can drive your body crazy — literally.

Foam Rolling for Patients

Foam Rolling for Runners

Foam rolling can help runners relax tight muscles and increase flexibility. These exercises target specific muscle groups for runners.

Ergonomics in the Studio with Radio's Matt & Ramona

Ergonomics in the Studio with Radio's Matt & Ramona

OrthoCarolina sends a physical therapist to help 107.9 The Link's Matt & Ramona get more comfortable in the studio with these ergonomics tips.

Tips for Safe Winter Running

Tips for Safe Winter Running

Running in the winter can be an exhilarating challenge. But it also presents unique challenges and can add a higher risk for injuries.

Sitting all day

Sitting All Day? Try These 5 Gentle Stretches to Relieve Pain

Activities and professions that require a lot of sitting can also result in a lot of pain. At the end of your day, try these stretches to get those sore muscles moving.

OrthoCarolina Pilates

OrthoCarolina Pilates

Eastover Physical Therapy is now offering Pilates classes.

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Pilates OrthoCarolina

How a Year of Pilates Shaved 15 Seconds Off My Mile Pace

After OC Physical Therapist Assistant Mary Jean followed through on a year of Pilates classes, she looks back at the results she’s seen, including a 15-second reduction in her mile pace.

Charlotte Ballet

Giving it a Whirl: a Ballet Dancer’s Quest to Rehab in Time for the Ultimate Holiday Performance

To Mia, dancing The Nutcracker is an obligatory part of the holiday season. At 16 years old, she dances five days a week for 20 hours a week. She will do anything to stay on her toes and one day dance in New York. 

Muscle Pain

Muscle Pain? 6 Things to Know About Dry Needling

For many patients, dry needling can reduce pain in just one session. We look at six things to know about this physical therapist delivered treatment that can address many musculoskeletal conditions.

Ramblin' Rose - Spin Triathlon

8 Reasons to Sign Up for a Ramblin’ Rose Triathlon

Ramblin’ Rose Triathlon training lays a foundation for success in any sport.

Winter Camping around Charlotte

6 Top Spots for Winter Camping in and Around Charlotte

Drive 40-minutes southwest of downtown for Charlotte’s one and only peak-bagging challenge, with the best city skyline views in the region.

Latta Nature Center

An Insider's Guide to Charlotte's Latta Nature Center and Preserve

The Latta plantation is now a living history site surrounded by a 1,600-acre nature preserve.

Running while pregnant

Running While Pregnant: What to Know

Exercise and running has always played a big part in Kathleen White’s life. So when Kathleen, a physical therapist, became pregnant, she was even more motivated to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle for herself, as well as her baby.


Thoughts After My First Pilates Class

Trying new things can be hard, but variety is what makes life interesting right? Not too long ago, I decided to try out Pilates for the first time.

Stuck at a Desk? Sneaky Ways to Fit in a Workout

Stuck at a Desk? Sneaky Ways to Fit in a Workout

Just because you're stuck at a desk doesn't mean you can't fit exercise into your day.

Physical Therapy

Gluteus Medius – A Lesser Known But Important Muscle

Modern culture and lifestyle often means that many of us sit…sometimes almost all day. Whether in the office, in traffic, at home or just relaxing, sitting frequently can weaken an important muscle – the gluteus medius.


Yoga for Pain Control

I love yoga and have been practicing for more than 12 years. Yoga has so many benefits including strengthening, flexibility, pain reduction and relaxation...

Massage Therapist from OrthoCarolina

Things that move properly shouldn’t hurt

The benefits of manual therapy combined with exercise

Do you get back pain from sitting at your desk?

Ergonomics and the “90-90-90 Position”: Why ‘how’ you sit is so important.

March 12, 2016

Should I run on the treadmill or outside? Is there a difference?

Sometimes, life happens and there’s literally not enough daylight to run--especially in the winter. In order to maintain your running schedule, you might need to get your miles on a treadmill.

February 01, 2016
OC Loves to Run

Meet Katie. OC Loves To Run

Katie White, Physical Therapist and Clinical Manager

Cervicogenic Headaches

Cervicogenic Headaches: Long name; treatable problem

Most of us have had a headache before and know that they are…well, a headache.

Diagram of Properly sitting for work

Do you get back pain from sitting at your desk?

Ergonomics and the “90-90-90 Position”: Why ‘how’ you sit is so important

Aquatic and Pool-based Therapy

Aquatic and Pool-based Therapy

Aquatic-based therapy offers a healing medium and therapeutic components that can be customized to each patient’s needs...
hip x-ray from orthocarolina

The Hip, Getting Older and Running

Many active Americans worry about the impact of exercise on their hips. Chris Dollar, PT, DPT, talks about the hip and how it ages with you.

OrthoCarolina Runners

OrthoCarolina Running Tips: Increasing Your Running Mileage Safely

When runners begin increasing their mileage, it is important to do so in a calculated manner to avoid overuse injuries.