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What our doctors are saying about Acupuncture at OrthoCarolina

Among the select few in the top of her field, Dr. Alison Warren holds a Clinical Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Dr. Warren received her Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Bastyr University in Washington, specializing in pain management. She received her Master’s of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Chicago from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine after receiving her Bachelors in Premed and Psychology at Kent State University. During her training in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), she also traveled to China to train at prestigious hospitals in both Shanghai and Chengdu.

Here's what our orthopedic surgeons are saying about it:

  • I have been pleasantly surprised with the efficacy of acupuncture. I have seen excellent results in the setting of myofascial back pain, overuse tendinopathies such as tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow, and even arthrofibrosis of the knee! I was admittedly skeptical until I noticed significant improvement in my own elbow tendinopathy after only one treatment. In my practice ,which typically does not involve spine problems, the patients who would most benefit from acupuncture have tendinopathy with tightness of the muscle-tendon unit. This would include elbow, shoulder, knee, and hip tendinopathy. Scott Smith, MD
  • Dr. Warren and I have shared several patients over the last year. The patients really appreciate our ability to treat their problem from multiple perspectives and with multiple different modalities. They also appreciate the fact that we can communicate and come up with a treatment plan together.  I feel that the multidisciplinary approach is the best way to treat patients especially when they have a long-standing difficult problem. Bob Alexander, MD
  • I have found acupuncture to be a very beneficial adjunct treatment for patient with myofascial or arthritic pain. My patients, both young and old, have seen significant reductions in their pain and improvement in their quality of life. Todd Chapman, MD
  • I have found acupuncture to be a remarkably effective method to relieve pain and improve function.  My patients have found relieve for myofascial disorders, and it has been very helpful in controlling symptoms of arthritis and nerve injury.  It's  been very effective with sometimes dramatic improvement. This is a tremendously useful treatment modality which stands on its own merits.  I'm glad we can offer this to our patients. Mark Suprock, MD
  • I see many patients suffering from myofascial spine pain and headaches that are difficult to treat and often do not respond to traditional medical treatment.  These symptoms are often multifactorial and at times may respond more favorably to an alternative medical treatment such as acupuncture.  I am pleased to be able to offer this treatment to my patients here at OrthoCarolina. Alex Chasnis, MD
  • I have referred a few patients for acupuncture treatment with Dr. Warren. I have been pleased with results. I see it’s use to treat muscular and myofascial pain, spasm, and stiffness (in the absence of structural defects that can be surgically addressed) that contribute to muscular dysfunction. It helps to “reset” the neuromuscular system to power the appropriate kinetic chain with more fluidity, less pain, and better efficiency.  Sometimes PT with its various modalities just can’t reach the pain trigger. Ranjan Maitra, MD
  • There are many orthopedic conditions that respond favorably to acupuncture. I have referred several patients to Dr. Warren and have received very positive feedback about their experience. Eric Laxer, MD.

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